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VIRGO (P2P software) aims to implement large scaleable Network with easy management and scalable security. VIRGO can be used in the fields such as Grid computing, Distributed Domain Name System, distributed search engines, and file shares.



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VirgoFTP is a multi-platform, graphical FTP client written in Java using SWT. Providing a CuteFTP's Interface and functions, it's long aim is to be of a high quality FTP Client in non-windows platforms,such as linux,MacOS,solaris.

Infoarch-scripts - Information Architecture scripts: hashdiff (sync doing secure versioned backups,

Python, bash and batch scripts to manage the architecture of your informations, your files. There you'll find the following scripts: hashdiff: sync two directories or do versioned backups detecting moved/renamed files to protect your data (with file moving detection, sync can be quick also with very big multi gb files), check files integrity against "natural" corruption (but not against tampering) with md5 hash make symlink (soft link) to files/directories with easy recover_links:

Zodiacs - Site to share assets

Site to share assets, the versions are named by the zodiac signs Sagittarius - Current Release (0.1) Capricornus - 0.2 Aquarius - 0.3 Pisces - 0.4 Aries - 0.5 Taurus - 0.6 Gemini - 0.7 Cancer - 0.8 Leo - 0.9 Virgo - Gamma Libra - Beta Scorpius - Alpha

Formzanzi - Gadgets for publishing on Mzanzi

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virgo - virgo php

virgo php

virgo.plans - Virgo plans to enable osgiliath framework

Virgo plans to enable osgiliath framework

virgo-snaps-poc - Proof Of Concept of usage of Virgo Snaps

Proof Of Concept of usage of Virgo Snaps

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