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Viralator enhances your network's squid proxy server with a virus scanner. Before a user can download a file, the proxy passes the file to the Viralator script which, in turn, uses a virus scanner to scan, disinfect, or delete the download.



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FlowPlayer - Flash video player

Flowplayer is an Open Source video player for the web. Embed the video streams into your web pages. User will get rich media experience by viewing video streams from your site. Player could be extended with Flash plug-ins, JavaScript plug-ins or Streaming plug-ins. Give a new look and feel to the player by extending it.


PHACCS is a bioinformatic tool designed for a scientific public. It gives estimates of the structure and diversity of uncultured viral communities using metagenomic information.

Cloudsponge-lib - This is the main project site for all Integration Librarires

Spread the word with an email invite. Import contacts from Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, Gmail, AOL, Outlook and Mac Address Book. Targeted audience and messaging Reduced customer acquisition cost Exponential customer growth is THE tool you need to go viral! LibrariesPHP Library Ruby Library .Net Library

Project-hack-life - An attempt to use the artistry of programming to deliver philosophies of life.

Web 2.0 is the kind of universal media platform that fuels the growth of human consciousness like no art form before it. When it comes to the viral proliferation of tyranny-shattering information, there is a fine art to the process of creating, expressing and distributing thought; Project Hack Life is our drop in that bucket. As a division of The Legion Of Angels, our goal is to connect users with mind-expanding media, in the hopes that more of us will stand up and refuse the tripe broadcast by

DNN Marketing Tools

Pack of Marketing Modules for DotNetNuke portal. (Referral marketing, word of mouth, Member-get-member, Viral marketing, Permission Marketing)

Crystalien-redux - Tools to add new levels to Crystalien Conflict

Our mission is to develop community tools to extend the lifespan of the LEGO Mars Mission web game "Crystalien Conflict". All rights of LEGO's properties will be fully respected. Crystalien Conflict is a real time strategic (RTS) single player Flash game which was originally released in 2007 and featured on the LEGO website from 2007-2010. The game featured approx 30 levels showcasing the Mars Mission LEGO toy range. The game was played in excess of 20 million times and regularly topped the glob


The Disease Simulation Framework (DiSiF) represents a spatial simulation environment for infectious viral disease spread. The framework currently embodies a very simple framework for simulation in 2D space with focus on SARS and the Common Flu.

Mewit - Ad-hoc workflow system

Conceptually, MEWIT is conceived ultimately to be different from traditional work-flow based system which require the setting up of routing instructions and business rules before the system becomes functional. In the beginning it is an advanced form of viral job ticketing and tracking system to improve the effectiveness of organizations, especially when collaboration across multiple organizational and political boundaries is required. Over time, the data harvested can be used to design a more in

Epi Info Viral Hemorrhagic Fever

A software package designed to be integrated with Epi Info 7 and used for contact tracing during outbreaks of viral hemorrhagic fever.


MASyV (Multi-Agent System Visualization) enables one to write agent-based models/cellular automata, eg. in C, visualize them in real time amp; capture to movie file with MASyVs GUI amp; message passing lib. Includes examples: Hello World, ants, viral infection