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VIPS is an image processing suite designed for extremely large images and colorimetry. It consists of a powerful re-usable library and a graphical user interface.



Related Projects

Saya Video Editor

Saya will be a cross-platform non Linear Video Editor, programmed in C++ with the Qt GUI library. It will primarily use the OpenVIP framework (in later stages it will be extended to use other frameworks) for the video processing backend.


VIP Database Installation


OpenVIP (Open Video Processor) is a cross-platform, highly modular non-linear video editor and video processing library. It is available for Windows and Unix.

Net-nzbmatrixapi - .NET implementation of the NZBMatrix API

.NET NZBMatrixAPINZBMatrix recently opened some functionality to their VIP users in the form of a text-based API. For my own experimentation, and now for yours, I decided to write a .NET implementation of the API in C#. SpecificationThe API is written in C# using .NET Framework 3.5. UsageImport the NZBMatrixAPI reference to your project. using NZBMatrixAPI;//...NZBMatrix nzb = new NZBMatrix("foo", "bar"); //your credentials// SearchNZB[] results = nzb.Search("Ubuntu");foreach(NZB result in resul


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