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VIPER Runtime



Related Projects


The Video Processing Evaluation Resource: A toolkit for evaluating computer vision algorithms on video, and a corresponding tool for annotating video streams with spatial metadata.

Word War vi

Word War vi is a side scrolling arcade game in which you pilot your vi-per craft through core memory eradicating the emacs processes by firing -9 signals at them, or injecting NULL pointers into their execution stream while evading OS defenses.

Csce-315-book-viper - book project software

Collaboration tool for writers to develop a book product.

Cobalt Blue Programming Language

Cobalt Blue is an open source programming language written in C# and the executable it produces runs on top of Cobalt's sister project, the Viper runtime.

Viper IDE

Viper IDE is a client-server based multi-developer IDE. Viper IDE have features like instant messaging, sharing files, public realtime chat and extensive CVS support.

Bitsand - Online booking system for live role-play events

Bitsand is an online booking system for live role play events. It was initially written for the Lions faction in the LT system, but it can now be used by any faction or guild. There is also a version for Maelstrom player events. Bitsand is known to be in use by: Bears Gryphons Harts Jackals Lions Militia Guild Scouts Guild Vipers Copyright of Bitsand is owned by the Bitsand Project (ie the people listed as project owners)


VIPER Lab Live VoIP assessment distribution

Viper-sd - VoIP w enhanced resiliency

Joe Coyne, Ji Kim, Kevin Sin, Grace Tay

J-squared - VIPER: VIPER Is Personalized Experience Recommendation

Linkedin Hackaday 2011. Jack Gao, John Liu. Written in PHP, VIPER changes the way personalized recommendation is going to be done. Forever.

Memento-sg - Memento Media Shortcode Generator

Wordpress Shortcode Framework with advanced PHP parsing and JavaScript / CSS managing Description Shortcode framework giving developers an easy method to use their existing skills within WP without having to know anything about what happens in the background of WP Features Shortcodes : Generate shortcodes on the fly Options : Create plain text, rich text, or advanced php shortcodes Styles : Easily manage required styles for your shortcodes Scripts : Easily manage required scripts for your shortc