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Vine game engine is a general purpose scriptable engine. Extensions to the engine are supported through plug-ins. Visit project's homepage at for more details.



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Vinetoolkit - Extensible and modular Java API for Grid-enabled appliactions

Vine Toolkit is a modular, extensible Java library that offers developers an easy-to-use, high level API for Grid-enabled applications. Vine can be deployed for use in desktop, Java Web Start, Java Servlet and Portlet environments with easy. Additionally, Vine Toolkit supports a wide array of middleware and third-party services, inluding gLite, Unicore, GT4.Using the Vine Toolkit, one composes applications as collections of resources and services for utilizing those resources. The Vine Toolkit m

Glassvine - A distributed, peer-to-peer HTTP cache for mesh networks

This is the open-source project page for GlassVine, a peer-to-peer HTTP cache for mesh networks written as an engineering thesis project, and mandated by Ingénieurs du Monde Morer code and documentation will flow once the paper is released (so as to avoid problems with school regarding authorship). This projects uses the brilliant twisted library and apsw for SQLite access

Xbmc-advanced-launcher - XBMC Applications Launcher

The Advanced Launcher add-on is able to launch any Linux and Windows applications that support command line instructions directly from the XBMC GUI. This Add-on also provide the possibility, to download from several Internet databases and manage meta-data informations and images linked to these applications. Addon Features: Run Windows, Linux and OSX applications with auto-suggested arguments. Start any file from specified directory using selected application. Collect informations of application

Coffee-Vine - CoffeeScript inspired RenPy's & JS-Vine Visual Novel Engine.

CoffeeScript inspired RenPy's & JS-Vine Visual Novel Engine.

vine - Virtual Interface of NoSQL Engine for Javascript

Virtual Interface of NoSQL Engine for Javascript

js-vine - JavaScript Visual Novel Engine

JavaScript Visual Novel Engine

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