VINE vocabulary Integration Environment

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VINE is a vocabulary Integration Environment Tool, developed at MMI. It allows to create fast mappings and alignments from ontologies in OWL. VOC2OWL is a tool to create ontologies from ASCII files. They are both JAVA based and are delivered as a Rich Cl



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Dropdown menu inspired by Vine.

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Vine Server(OSXvnc) is a robust, full-featured VNC server for MacOS X. It allows VNC clients to remotely view or control the machine. It is provided by TestPlant, for use with Vine Viewer AND Eggplant for cross-platform testing,

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An XMPP chat server for Ruby.

Vinetoolkit - Extensible and modular Java API for Grid-enabled appliactions

Vine Toolkit is a modular, extensible Java library that offers developers an easy-to-use, high level API for Grid-enabled applications. Vine can be deployed for use in desktop, Java Web Start, Java Servlet and Portlet environments with easy. Additionally, Vine Toolkit supports a wide array of middleware and third-party services, inluding gLite, Unicore, GT4.Using the Vine Toolkit, one composes applications as collections of resources and services for utilizing those resources. The Vine Toolkit m

Comic-vine-scraper - A ComicRack add-on for scraping comic book details from Comic Vine.

Comic Vine Scraper is an add-on script for ComicRack that lets you 'scrape' (copy) details from the Comic Vine database into your comic book files. You can use it to scrape a large amount of extra information, including titles, ratings, characters, teams, plot summaries, writers, letterers, cover artists, publication dates, and much more. DOWNLOADClick here to download the latest stable release of Comic Vine Scraper (version 1.0.51, released April 7, 2012). INSTALLATIONMake sure you have the lat


Vine game engine is a general purpose scriptable engine. Extensions to the engine are supported through plug-ins. Visit project's homepage at for more details.

Glassvine - A distributed, peer-to-peer HTTP cache for mesh networks

This is the open-source project page for GlassVine, a peer-to-peer HTTP cache for mesh networks written as an engineering thesis project, and mandated by Ingénieurs du Monde Morer code and documentation will flow once the paper is released (so as to avoid problems with school regarding authorship). This projects uses the brilliant twisted library and apsw for SQLite access

Wild-grape - addition RPMs for Vine Linux

Here are some RPMs for Vine Linux, some of them will come into Vine's Repository. Enjoy~ :)

Pycomicmetathis - screen scraper for Comic Book Info

pyComicMetaThisDescriptionThis Python script screen scrapes comic book metadata from ComicVine's api into the ComicBookInfo format as described here. It was written for Mac OS X but theoretically should work on Windows or Unix as long as Python is installed. DownloadYou can get the latest (possibly unstable) version at the project's source page MiscThere's a setting in the newest version of the script for the path to the zip command. If' you've recompiled zip with support for longer comments (hi

Sharp ComicVine

Sharp ComicVine is a C# library helping to use the ComicVine API. This API lets you access and search Comic Vine's listing of comic books, characters, creators.