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Vimplugin is an attempt to use the vim editor inside the eclipse IDE. This is handy especially for longtime vim users. But other users (say occasional vim users) can also profit: macros, regexes, syntax-highlighting for 1001 languages etcpp.



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Simonvcvimfiles - My .vimrc and vim/plugins

In my quest for the perfect Vim as an IDE (mainly for python)im going to keep my .vimrc and ~/vim under svn here so i can check them out on each of the (vmware) dev machines i have to work on. Included in this Repo:vimrc (with 2 space python indent and syntax highlighting) vim/ (with buf explorer (\\be) and nerdtree (\\bt) and snippetsEmu) screenrc with various enhancements i like (CTRL-Arrow to move between windows) zshrc (oh pretty.) See this in action:

Pysmell - Autocomplete helper for Python

PySmell is a python IDE completion helper. It tries to statically analyze Python source code, without executing it, and generates information about a project's structure that IDE tools can use. There is currently support for Vim, Emacs and TextMate. Feel free to contribute your own favourite editor bindings, or to improve the existing ones. Download and InstallationPySmell is available at PyPI. The best way to install PySmell is by downloading the source distribution and doing python in

Vim-plugins4dev - collection of plugins for different programming laguages- to make full featured ID

Here we bundle different plugins to make vim full featured programming language IDE and essential collection can be download and installed using a single bundle

Clirc - CLI Remote Control

IntroductionRemote control for command line interfaces in Unix. The main component is a terminal input multiplexer that combines the input from the user with the input read from a FIFO. A VIM script that pipes the selected text through the FIFO provides the integration of the remote control with VIM, and is an example of how to achieve such integration. RequirementsThe input multiplexer (inmux.exp) require expect to be installed, as well as tcllib (for cmdline). Both are available in debian stab

Chdirectory - a simple vim plugin for quickly changing into directories which are often used

这是一个简å�•çš„切æ�¢å½“å‰�工作目录的vimæ�’件。 安装方法点击上方Downloads标签下载æ�’件文件。 å¤�制文件到 $HOME/.vim/plugin/ 下,如没有此文件夹则自行创建。 使用方法dirfile 是用æ�¥ä¿�存需è¦�使用本æ�’件快速切æ�¢çš„目录的列表。 设置 dirfile 路径,在 .vimrc 文件中加入 let g:dir_file_pos = /path/to/dirfile ,如ä¸�设置,则会使用默认ä½�ç½®($HOME/.vim/dirfile)。 è¿�è¡Œvim,在normal mode下输入 <leader>cd 第ä¸

vim - vimplugin


Exvim - a vim develop environment.

exVimLinksHow to use the linksDownloadsWhat's NewIntroductionWhat is exVim ?What can exVim doUsageCompatibleSmall, Fast and StableexVim Easy EditionVote exVim if you love it exVimLinksexVim Official Page: exVim Documentation: exVim Source Code: exVim in Vim Script: exVim in Google Code (for Download only): How to use the lin