Village Telco

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This is an initiative to assemble/develop the cheapest, easiest to setup, easiest to manage, scalable, Open Source, standards-based, wireless local do-it-yourself telephone company toolkit in the world.



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Serval-dna - The Serval Project's Distributed Numbering Architecture (DNA)

Serval's Distributed Numbering Architecture (DNA) is a peer-to-peer telephone number mapping protocol used by Serval's BatPhone mesh telephony system to allow subscribers to claim and be called on their existing telephone, even on an isolated network. The latest version of this software can be found at it's new home:

Afrimesh - Easy management for wireless mesh networks.

The ability to easily create an IP network in rural areas, developing countries and disaster zones makes it much easier for people to communicate with one another. Building on the innovative research efforts and tireless support of the Wireless Africa group at the Meraka Institute of the CSIR, the sometimes terrifying growth of the Scarborough Wireless Users Group and tools developed by the Open Mesh team Afrimesh provides a simple management dashboard helping network operators create and sustai

Wispinabox - An easy wireless networking platform for third world heroes

We seek to address a dilemma that many wireless practitioners, activists and entrepreneurs are facing constantly. When asked if all the technology ingredients needed for starting a wireless project are freely available, we answer 'yes'. However, when asked ''how'' to get started, we have to admit that: it is not quite so easy (yet), it will take a bit of fumbling and skills, while 80% of all needed parts are there, 20% and the finished bundle are still missing ...and so forth. Thus, successful s