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This project is an API I have created over the years and ported to several languages. It contains tools, structures, and algorithms I have found useful in graphics, robotics, and machine vision applicaitons. Points, Lines, Vectors, etc.



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T-2 - The WEB Connector -simple annotation based web framework for real developer-

T2(or T2framework) is our flagship framework and is an annotation-based simple web framework for real developer. Specialized with connecting to web and handling http request well(it's do-one-thing-well policy), T2 handles several Web2.0 request, such as XmlHttpRequest, SOAP and several formats like JSON, XML, AMF, and offcourse, T2 handles classic http request. On the other hand, Lucy is a simple and light weight IoC container with AOP. It is not like Spring, but Lucy has almost all features tha


In Norse mythology, Vili and Vé are the brothers of Odin. It is said that these three gods made the world. In Old Norse, vili means "will", and vé refers to a type of Germanic shrine.