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quot;Vikingsquot; is an open-source role-playing game aimed for multiple platforms, with both online and offline capabilities.



Related Projects

Viking GPS data editor and analyzer

Viking is a free/open source program to manage GPS data. You can import, plot and create tracks, routes and waypoints, show OSM, Terraserver, Bing Aerial and other maps, geotag images, see real-time GPS position, get geocaches, control items, etc. It is written in C amp; the GTK+2 toolkit.


A script that can read the webpages for the web quota monitors made available by ISP's. These pages can contain both the actual status, and the status since the last reset. It supports Telenet, Dommel, Skynet, Scarlet, EDPNet, Mobile Vikings and UPC CZ


Knotwork is a graphical application to create knotworks in a celtic, arabic or viking style. User draws a graph defined by vertices and edges, which gives the basis for building the knotwork. Web page:

Javaviking - Simple and fast app in J2ME, for mobile vikings

A simple and fast application, written in Java ME (J2ME), for Mobile Vikings

The-viking-project - A Direct Marketing System

The VikingA Direct Marketing System IntroductionThe Viking is a system that maintains information about customers and can send them letters tailored with important, relevant, and time-critical information. The Viking is the core of a direct marketing system: it will directly interact with users to configure the campaigns and will work with other system components to accomplish the mailing itself. The functionality needed from The Viking is described through requirement stories(informal use cases

Tinyduck - A graphical text-based adventure game

Heartfelt Nightsong is a graphical text-based adventure game originating from the 7th edition of Pyweek. It is written in Python and depends upon Pygame. Work will begin on version 2 shortly, and will extend the plot to something closer to what we initially intended. Version 2 will drop the Pygame dependencies and instead use Pyglet. From the creators of Ghetto Viking: The Prophecy.

Vikingsstory - An open-source tower defense game.

AboutViking's Story is an open-source tower defence game. It is my first bigger project and I'm working on it for quite long time because of obligations I have (school, etc.), but I believe it will be finished someday. IntroductionBefore the Ragnarök, goddess Hel wanted to destroy Midgard so only gods would exist after the New world is created. She envies every human in Midgard, and therefore she rose an army of soulless monsters to defeat them. Odin, knowing that, sends his first warrior who e

PreViking Telephony Switching System

PreViking is a telephony deamon that is built with a flexible architecture. There is a driver abstraction layer that allows for different hardware to be supported. Service modules can be hot loaded into the running deamon to offer new telephony services.