VMware Infrastructure (vSphere) Java API

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This project provides a full set of libraries to manage VMware Infrastructure and vSphere. 2.0+ includes a new Web Service engine much faster/smaller than Apach AXIS. Start @ http://vijava.sf.net Blog @ http://doublecloud.org Twitter: @sjin2008




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Vsmanager - VMware vSphere Client

This is a VMware vSphere Client like GUI intended to work in Linux. It uses the VMware SDK API and the vijava project.

Orbit-vm - cross-platform client for vSphere 4

Bug reports and feature requests welcome!! orbit-vm is a project started by 2 students of the University College KHK Kempen Geel in Belgium. These guys are Jorge Schrauwen and Erwin Staepelaere. It's aim is to provide an open source, cross-platform GUI for managing vSphere 4 servers. We've reached our goal. Orbit-VM is now capable of starting, stopping and restarting existing Virtual Machines. Basic information is also displayed. If there is interest in this project, we may continue expanding it

vijava - 使用vijava操作vcenter


vijava - Mirror of the vijava project's SVN repository

Mirror of the vijava project's SVN repository

vijava-code - A clone from the vijava's svn project - to offer a bug fix.

A clone from the vijava's svn project - to offer a bug fix.


vmware vSphere Python API based on vijava


VMWare (vSphere) Ant tasks. Allows virtual machines to be created and controlled from Apache Ant.


VMware VI (vSphere) Java API Fork


A simple wrapper around the VMware Infrastructure (vSphere) Java API for use with JRuby.

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