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Vii buffers and displays the latest page of output, where pages are separated by form feeds. Vii can also repeatedly execute a command, displaying the latest results.



Related Projects

Mwglb - making web games like a boss

/\\ /\\ / ;\\~''. +------------------+ ( / ) / \\ | OMG a project | /~/ /#\\ '. +----\\ /-----------+ /__| "~" /~\\/~] '/~~'\\ \\@ @ /_____\\ ;-.,_,/ .--------------------------------------. ' /~~~~| -.___/ | MWGLB - Making web games like a boss | /____.--. \\-. '--------------------------------------' '/~~~| \\ \\| Code: /____| \\ Art : Shelia (aka "Melody") ' ,,! / \\ \\;\\ /~ ' / ~ / ' \\___/ @ } \\ , Internet. Serious Business.

Arcomage-web - A game of Arcomage implemented in Javascript

The minigame of arcomage as known from the hit role playing game Might and Magic VII from 3DO. Project aims to rely on HTML5, CSS3, Javascript technologies only. Javascript libraries planned to use is jQuery (for general purpose) and Processing.js.

Graphbasedsurfacereconstruction - Graph-based surface reconstruction

Based on the paper: "Graph–Based Surface Reconstruction Using Structures in Scattered Point Sets" written by "Robert Mencl" and "Heinrich Müller" from the "Informatik VII (Computer Graphics)" institute of the "University of Dortmund, Germany". Stanford Bunny Euclidean Minimal Spanning Tree with Connected Leafs #4 (using 4 aligned scans) Stanford Bunny Euclidean Minimal Spanning Tree #3 (using 4 aligned scans) Stanford Bunny PointCloud Render #2 (2 aligned scans) Stanford Bunny PointCloud Rend

Aidem - Yet another xmms2 client

Yet another xmms2 client This is my xmms2 client, I (rene garcia) coded this as I could not find any client that was or did or look as I imagined. Note that this client is planned to be very unstable as I'm writing just for fun, nevertheless, inspiration comes from here:

Apbophp - Kumpulan Tugas APBO

Kumpulan tugas APBO semester VII jurusan TIF - UIN SUSKA

Beheritui - User Interface of Beherit Frostwolf EU

Beherit <Frostwolf EU> is a World of Warcraft Character player by Marco C. Guild: VII

Tripletriadsocial - A social network based triple triad game

Triple Triad is a mini game introduced in Final Fantasy VII. And this project will make this game integrating with social network.

Android-triple-triad - Triple Triad&#39;s game for Android platform

This is a game for the Android platform based on the Final Fantasy VII's mini game named Triple Triad.

Ocr-oa09 - projekt z oprogramowania aplikacyjnego

Projekt z oprogramowania aplikacyjnego z semestru VII. Członkowie projektu: - Marcin Sowański - Korneliusz Rabczak - Tomasz Przybyliński - Marcin Wiatr