ViewState handlers

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Utilities to handle and persist viewstate to different persistence medium, including web page compressed viewstate (up to 60% viewstate in weight loss!), out of page viewstate persistence using many other persisters. Easy to configurate and use!



Related Projects

Qcodo - Code Less Do More

The Qcodo Development Framework is an open-source PHP web application framework which builds an Object Relational Model (ORM), CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) UI pages, and AJAX hooks from an existing data model. It additionally includes a tightly-integrated HTML and JavaScript form toolkit which interfaces directly with the generated entities. It is a robust, comprehensive framework which can be utilized by small and large Web applications alike.

Turbo framework for ASP.NET

Turbo framework is an extension for ASP.NET which solves most problems associated with WebForms (ViewState, performance, client-side scripting, resource optimization), while utilizing its advantages (component design, RAD), and comes with a set of advanced, rich UI controls.


This utility strips out viewstate string and replaces it with a 44 byte string. This means that your viewstate will always be 44bytes instead of 100KB or greater. It has two modes or persistance on the server

Multipagesample - Custom pager of gridview in when going to new page, the viewstate of prev

Add some methods in a BasePage. all front-end pages derives from BasePage. In the BasePage, creating viewstate for gridview data and others involved. The viewstate is only for selected rows so far.

Cacatua-framework - Framework MVP (Model View Presenter) for Webform

Implementation of Model View Presenter in webforms applications


A stupidly simple grid that doesn't bind to anything: it just stores user information into viewstate which can be retrieved at some point. It is meant mainly for forms where a an arbitrary number of related data rows is necessary (for instance, board members of a trust).

Memcached-viewstate - Store your ViewState and ControlState in memcached

This is a small project which uses a PageAdapter to store the current pages viewstate and controlstate in memcached in order to reduce network traffic to and from the client, and to reduce the risk of any tampering. The project should be frictionless and can be applied to a compiled ASP .NET app by configuring the site. To use this you need to do a few things: 1. Add BeITMemcached configuration to your web.config. Look at the beitmemcached project ( for mo

Web Property Creator

Web Property Creator is a tool for exposing properties on web pages or web user controls. Create properties that use Session, ViewState or object sources.


A plug-in for PostSharp aimed to automate state management in ASP.NET controls. It enables storing field / properties values of controls just by decorating them with custom attribute. One can also decide if he wants to store value in ViewState or ControlState.