Video Processing Project

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Video processing source code for algorithms and tools used in software media pipelines. The currently available source code is written in C++ with their associated libraries and DirectShow Filters. Filters include an H.264 encoder, H.264 decoder, H.264 source filter, YUV source, RGB to YUV color conversion, croppers, scalers, video mixing/picture in picture filters, rotate filter, and many more. Code is released under BSD license with exception of H.264 codec related classes which are released under LGPL.



Related Projects

Gshowwebsite - The Website of GShow library

Here is a website of GShow project. It will have some tutorial, introduction, and demo video in this website.

Dontmove - Video Processing Data Sent to multiple clients

The software is not just a video processing tool. It uses a policy based video recognition and sends the alerts to the clients. The "clients" maybe some mobile devices and other Pcs.


LibLab is a C# Library, Networking, Camera, Image Processing, Audio Processing, Video Processing and Computer Vision

Projeto2mc919 - Projeto 2 da disciplina MC919 (2s2008) do IC-UNICAMP

Códigos do segundo projeto da disciplina MC919 (2o semestre de 2008) do Instituto de Computação da Unicamp.

Panopticonize API

This project provides code samples for the video thumbnailing API.


multiDAC is intended to become a user-friendly tool for image- and videoprocessing in the field of deformation/movement analysis. It is written in C# with some C routines using CPU/GPU parallelization (e.g. CUDA) and features a plugin manager.

Cuterdprecorder - CuteRDPRecorder is a Remote Desktop Connection recording tool for Linux

RDP connection recording tool for Linux. Can be used to record video stream using ffmpeg with it. Usage./cuterdprecorder | your-videoprocessing-app

Pd-veejay - live video editor in pure data

a live video editor in pure data using mainly pdp and pidip externals, it features a editing chain where you can built individual effect chains

Det-incendios-udlap - Detección de Incendios Forestales

Software para detección de columnas de humo provocadas por incendios forestales utilizando cámaras IP