Video 2 iPad

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A simple interface to automate a number of third party tools (like, HandBrake and AtomicParsley) to convert video files to iPad format.



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Servetome - StreamToMe Server for Linux/OSX/Windows

Command line based Python server application for the iPad/iPhone StreamToMe app. It needs Python 2.6 and should run on Linux/OSX or Windows. Does real-time transcoding between various formats and x264 using a customised version of ffmpeg. (Note - If you are using 64bit Linux please pickup the from the trunk, it has a fix needed on 64bit OSs)

Tivo-monitor - A perl based set of utilites to monitor TiVo units inside a house hold.

FeaturesThis script supports multiple modes and the following functions are able to be achieved: Monitor TiVo for new recordings and notify the user via E-Mail, Twitter, or Both. Monitor TiVo(s) for new recordings and download the recordings in standard MPEG2 container. Future FeaturesConvert the downloaded shows into another format to be used for media devices as iPad, iPod/iPhone, or others. Tag the converted recordings with metadata of the show and insert the converted videos into the iTunes

Konami-js - A quick and easy way to add the Konami Code easter egg to any site. iPhone compatible!

Konami-JS Every site should have an implementation of the Konami Code. It makes things more fun. If you're unfamiliar with it, the Konami Code is a "cheat code" that appeared in many of Konami's video games going all the way back to 1986. It was typically entered on a Nintendo controller. Recently, ESPN received attention for the funny, flashy things that would happen when the code was entered on their website. Those shenanigans were the inspiration for whipping up this script. iOS & Android Sup

Streeme - Listen to music on the go! Streeme is an open source, html5 based personal music server

What's in it for Me?Streeme aims to solve a common problem - all your music is stuck at home and you want to listen to it somewhere else: at work, at the coffee shop or clear across the globe. Streeme helps to turn your home computer into a full featured music server with minimal effort. With minimal hardware and software requirements, Streeme can serve music to most HTML5 compliant browsers and smartphone handsets using the computer you already own. There's no lock in here, if you don't like ho

Mhag - Monster Hunter Armor Generator

AboutMHAG is a FREE armor toolkit for the video game series Monster Hunter, featuring a desktop version (MHAG Desktop) and an online version (MHAG Online). From editor team: "MHAG is an useful piece of software that helps you generate armor sets for your Monster Hunter character. This simple and efficient application can easily become a great tool for any Monster Hunter player out there." Webite DownloadsMHAG V2.2a (Feb 2012) new MH3G support! MHAG V2.0 (Oct 2011) Fea

Mythbox - MythBox for XBMC

MythBox is a MythTV frontend for XBMC.FeaturesWatch recordings with commercial skipping Watch Live TV Create and update recording schedules Fanart from,, and Google image search. Season and episode info from and View upcoming recordings Enhanced program guide View tuner and job queue info Compatible with MythTV 0.24 Add your own public Twitter feeds Move comm flagging jobs to the front of the queue Trigger user jobs, comm flagging, or transcod


A tiny little tray app that tells your iPhone, iPad or iPod that you can play videos like an airplay device. Click your computer name while playing back video on your iOS device and the video will start in Windows Media Player.

Ipado-web-media-encoder - Enables IPad Users to encode videos into compatible videos for Ipad or Iph

IPado Web Media Encoder, is based on a Linux server with apache2 and php that provides web based front end for video encoding with ffmpeg on the ipad, it converts mkv videos etc into mp4 so Iphone or Ipad can play that file. You will need your own Linux Server to run IPado, this encoder has been tested on linux mint 9 and should be working on ubuntu server with latest ffmpeg download from here you need, apache2 with php

Xpectrum - hand-held ZX Spectrum Emulator

Xpectrum ZX Spectrum 48K, 128K, Plus2, Plus2A, Plus3 emulator derived from gp2xpectrum by Hermes/PS2Reality and continued by Metalbrain & Seleuco & SplinterGU. xpectrum is ZX Spectrum emulator that could be easily port to various hand-held devices. The purpose of this project is to bring together the develop efforts to port to differents platforms. Currently it includes support for SDL (WIZ, Linux), Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and gp2x. Android version is called Xpectroid. iPhone, iPad, iP

Cocoon-p2p - P2P library for ActionScript/Flex/AIR focussed on local IP multicast

The Cocoon P2P library allows you to easily set up device discovery and communication with different devices on the local network (LAN/WLAN). With Cocoon P2P you can use you're mobile device as the controller for a game being played on your PC or create application that span across several screens and devices. Cocoon P2P supports messaging, object-replication, video and accelerometer data. Requirements: Flash Player 10.1 or later or AIR 2.0 or later for desktop, mobile (Android, iOS, PlayBook) a