DCCI Video Validator

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DCCI_Video Validator is an application that creates thumbnail storyboards of videos and video clips.




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File Upload widget with multiple file selection, drag&drop support, progress bar, validation and preview images, audio and video for jQuery. Supports cross-domain, chunked and resumable file uploads. Works with any server-side platform (Google App Engine, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Java, etc.) that supports standard HTML form file uploads.

Python-megavideo-parser - Python class to parse information about video on megavideo.com

Python class to retreive information about video uploaded on megavideo.com#Example 1import megavideovideo = megavideo.Megavideo("http://www.megavideo.com/?v=DNHOV2G2")if video.is_valid():\tprint video.getTitle()\tprint video.getRuntime()#>>>> nasa stereo reveals the entire sun#>>>> 03:00

Lutube-shortcode-plugin - A plugin for wordpress which adds a shortcode for embedding LUTube video

A plugin for wordpress which adds a shortcode for embedding LUTube video. Uses HTML5 video tags with a jQuery/SWFObject/Flash fallback. Supports different video formats where available. # IMPORTANT: For pages to validate using the plugin, the Wordpress theme being used MUST use the HTML5 Doctype: <!DOCTYPE html>InstallationCheck the code out using SVN Upload LUTubeShortcode to your Wordpress plugins folder Activate the plugin in your Wordpress Dashboard Shortcode optionshash (required) - The 32

Videocleaner - Cleanup Movie Directories for use with XBMC, Boxee or Plex.

Cleans up a directory of video files. This script will search IMDB for the movie and rename directories, files, subtitles. It can create an NFO file to sit next to the video. It can also download and save flash trailer videos. Basic UsageThis program will first look for an nfo file on disk and use any title, year, country information it can gather from that file. If an NFO file does not exist, or the NFO does not appear to be valid, it will search IMDB. Searching IMDB is done by first looking at

Shikharcontrol - ASP.NET Control for playing video

Dear all, There was a need to play video in my ASP.NET project. But ASP.NET doesn’t provide any specific way to play music or video in your Web applications. So I have created custom control which can play any kind of video. The control is in .NET 2.0 which may be useful to you in your respective web applications. The specialty being that, these controls use “client callback� for any server side operation. For example “server side clock control� which displays server time every second

Ria-factory - Set of libraries focused on developing RIAs using Flex and Java technologies

A set of libraries, primarily Flex related, touching some of the stuff you'd have to do when creating a RIA: binding, validation, tracking changes in the domain objects, generating DTOs, making remote calls, loading modules. These libraries are extracted from a project I'm maintaining, a Video CMS system. I'm planning to open-source this system too, but I'm waiting for the bandwidth to do it. Until then I'm releasing only some libraries contained by that project. The libraries are distributed in

Easyb - Behavior Driven Development made easy.

easyb is a BDD framework that provides a domain specific language which makes application verification simple, fun, and easy. easyb provides support for two types of specifications, Behaviors and Stories. Behaviors are created with a simple it syntax. Stories are created with scenario, given, when and then. Curious? Check out this video, which demonstrates both specifications and stories in easyb. newseasyb 1.2 has been released (May 2011) - all bundles are now on maven central for easy download

Oembedder - A simple, lightweight yet flexible PHP library to implement oEmbed support

A library originally written for RockForums.Co, it's add oEmbed to your project. oEmbed allows you to fetch html code from certain site such as YouTube, the html code can either be videos, images or other kinds of data. ProvidersProviders currently supported are YouTube including youtu.be Flickr Viddler Qik Revision3 Hulu Vimeo iFixit SmugMug Embedly requires API Key How to useEasy Method// Include or require file at beginning.require_once 'oembedder.class.php';// Create oEmbedder object.$oembed

Ainspector - Accessibility Inspector Extension for Firebug

The Accessibility Inspector for Firebug gives developers the ability to examine the accessibility features found in the Document Object Model (DOM) of web sites and web applications. Firebug Accessibility Inspector generates a report on accessibility problems and features of HTML and ARIA enabled web resources. When in the HTML tab of Firebug the accessibility report information on the DOM node can be viewed in the new DOM+ and A11y tabs. View short video tour of the Firebug Accessibility Inspec

Oembed-php - A simple and lightweight PHP library to implement oEmbed support

oembed-phpIntroductionThis library provides a simple and lightweight way to quickly add the advantages of oEmbed to your PHP project. I'm totally that there are currently two other PHP implementations of the oEmbed standard but in the need of a simple and lightweight and simple alternative I've written this little one-file PHP library. Providers:Currently this library only supports a few of all oEmbed providers, with many more to come in future revisions. These are the supported providers at thi