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Related Projects

Rails-spaces - a social networking website with ruby on rails

A Social Networking Website with Ruby on Rails 2.1 author is victor emial:

Grenadewars-smod - 2 player grenade throwing game

Obtain new grenades via level up system while mastering each grenade type to unlock more powerful versions of it. Experience a completely destructible terrain while also using it to protect yourself from enemy attacks. Last man standing is the victor!

Javalogufcg - JavaLog - Projeto para a disciplina Laboratório de Programação II - UFCG

JavaLogJavaLog is a package tracker. This is a project for the class "Laboratório de Programação II" (Programming Lab II) of the Computer Science Undergraduate course at UFCG. MembersAllyson Lima Diego Pedro Victor Freire

Tecmaster - Projeto de Laboratório de programação 2

Sistema de informação que será criado em java que visa a organização de uma empresa de consertos eletrônicos (Tecmaster). Antonio Ricardo - Igor Victor - Flavio Ramalhor - Theócrito Moura -

Class-warfare - A classy game of the card game war.

This program was written with copious comments to illustrate some aspects of Python that may help the beginner with the language. The nominal purpose of the program is to have the computer play the card game of war against itself. The program is called class-warfare because I've tried to use object-oriented methods wherever possible. An interesting phenomenon was discovered during the writing of this program: if the cards captured by the victor are returned to the winner's hand without being shu

Xml2csv-conv - Command line XML to CSV converter

xml2csv-conv is command line tool for converting data from XML schema to CSV. The tool has many command line options. The software is platform independent and was written in Java language. FeaturesConverts XML schema to CSV file Can deal with filenames and urls Automatically detects loops (repeated elements) in XML used for splitting data to rows Allows to override name of the loop/repeated field Allows to keep only specific tags/fields Allows to ignore specific tags/fields Allows to set values

Visual-lambda - Visual environment for manipulation the lambda calculus expressions

Visual Lambda Visual Lambda environment allows intuitive manipulation of lambda calculus expressions. Screenshot NotationBasics More detailed in this thesis visual_lambda.pdf Examples'MULT 3 2' evaluation '((λgm.m(gg))(λgm.m(gg)))M' building and evaluation 'Y I' evaluation Dependencepython 2.5+ pygame 1.8+ Runpython Interfacereadme.txt Related worksProgramming with Visual Expressions, Wayne Citrin A Graphical Notation for the Lambda Calculus, Dave Keenan Lambda Animator, Mike Th

Railscollector - code collector

Requirements: 1 Ultraviolet how to install Ultraviolet ) sudo port install oniguruma5 or brew install oniguruma 如何上述方法�能安装,�以手动下载 按照如下方�安装 或 2.) gem install -r oniguruma 3.) gem install -r textpow --include-dependen

Shedskin - An experimental (restricted) Python-to-C++ compiler

Shed Skin is an experimental compiler, that can translate pure, but implicitly statically typed Python (2.4-2.6) programs into optimized C++. It can generate stand-alone programs or extension modules that can be imported and used in larger Python programs. Besides the typing restriction, programs cannot freely use the Python standard library (although about 25 common modules, such as random and re, are currently supported). Also, not all Python features, such as nested functions and variable num

Minijavacompiler - The project will be create a compiler for translate the language MiniJava into Jo

Objetivo This project will be create a compiler for translate the MiniJava Language into Joutte Assembly Language. For this will use the Java language. Projeto de implementação de um compilador baseado na linguagem MiniJava apresentada no livro 'Modern Compiler Implementation in Java'. Na seção de downloads, temos alguns links úteis: Link para relatório final do projeto: Link para saidas dos testes r