Valarmathi Hospital

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Patient management.



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vehiclehunter aimed to test vehicle GPS and Monitor Device used XX Protocol,.

vehiclehunter could automatically play testing without manually control, just like QTP and LoadRunner.But vh is only used on XX Protocol, so it's not used for most coder --#


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Vh-master-thesis - Master's Thesis - Evolutionary Floorplan Solver

IntroductionMy master's thesis project (written in English, partly in Czech). It solves the floorplanning (rectangle packing) problem by using the POEMS evolutionary algorithm. This repository is primarily aimed as a backup site, but may be useful when searching for an inspiration. UsageUsage can be displayed by running: java -jar program.jarAll command line arguments are mandatory: input directory (expect text files with benchmarks, fixed format, see examples) output directory (here will be pla

Vh-translation-project - Violated Heroine translation project!

OK. The translation project is moved over to a forum! Go go that forum if you want to follow our progress and/or contribute.

Autocbt - robot

Robot visant à éviter des manipulations longues et ennuyantes. Merci à Joris VH pour son aide :-)

Js-openwindow - 弹出对�框(兼容ie�firefox�chrome等�览器)

/ openWindow("#", 460, 460, "标题"); / var g_agt = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase(); var is_opera = (g_agt.indexOf("opera") != -1); var g_title = ""; var g_iframeno = 0; function $$(s) { if(document.getElementById) return eval('document.getElementById("' + s + '")'); else return eval('document.all.' + s); } function exist(s) { return $$(s)!=null; } function myInnerHTML(idname, html) { if (exist(idname)) { $$(idname).innerHTML = html; } } function dialog(v_w, v_h, v_title /, v_needhead/) { var

Mediaportal-swedish-tv-radio-logos - Swedish TV and radio logos

A collection of TV and radio logos with an installer file for MediaPortal. Supported providersBoxerCanal DigitalCom HemViasatSupported pluginsFor the RecordRadio logosBBC World ServiceDeutschlandfunkNPRPink RadioRadio France intRai RadioRNE Radio 1SR P1SR P2SR P3TV logos24Corren3SatAdultAl Jazeera EnglishAl JazeeraAnimal Planet HDAnimal PlanetAxess TVBBC EntertainmentBBC HDBBC KnowledgeBBC LifestyleBBC WorldBloombergBlue HustlerBoomerangC+Sport 1/SF KanalenC+ HDC+ Sport 3DCanal 24 HorasCanal Est

Sml4asy - Simple Model Language, An asympote modular for drawing UML.

ObjectiveQuikly drawing UML in Asympote -A powerful descriptive vector graphics language. DemoUse Case to use itSource codeimport sml;symbol a = mkactor("Programer");symbol c = mkcase("Design In UML");symbol c1 = mkcase("Code in asy");symbol c2 = mkcase("Complie asy");dock(0.3*AVG,MID,-45,a,c,hdock(c1,c2)).add();(a--c).draw();(c--c1).style(dep).ml("include").draw();(c--c2).style(dep).ml("include").draw();Result Image A Class Digram of Composite PatternSource codeimport sml;symbol data = mkclass(