The V C++ GUI Framework

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A very easy to use GUI C++ framework for Windows and *NIX systems. Supports WIN32 API on Windows platforms, and Athena and Motif X widgets on *NIX systems. First developed in 1995, is still in active development. Currently working on Version 2.0.



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Xbasetools - Library for .NET and Java that has a configuration reader/writer, platform-independent

IntroductionXBaseTools is a library that is written in C# (XBaseTools.NET) and mirrored in Java (XBaseTools.JAR, it also uses Java naming conventions). There is documentation for both versions of XBaseTools. VersionThe latest version is 10.10.15 Software using the library Oblivon Mod Manager Extended XBaseTools.JARMimicks the XBaseTools.NET API except that it uses standard Java names (ie. ensureProgram vs. EnsureProgram). Occasionally it will lag behind the .NET version. FeaturesAllows you to re

Lpt-diodes-vgui - LPT Diodes Visual Graphic Interface

This is for those who build their LPT Diode project. If you want to build your own, look at links section of this project. Look at the wiki, links and downloads section for additional info.

Vguilocalizationtool - VGUI Localization Tool

Tool allow easy localize Valve text files, such as english.txt (russian..)... Required .NET Framework 3.5

Gmod-vgui-creator - Create vguis from in-game

It is exactly what it sounds like. Make gmod vguis using derma from within the game, simple left click to drag and right click to edit functionality.

Aurorarp - AuroraRP - Live what happened 10.000 BC!

AuroraRP is an RP gamemode for Garry's Mod. But AuroraRP is not just "an RP gamemode"! It is a gamemode for people who loves the Stargate universe... Live on the Aurora II, the best Alteran cruiser built ever! You start as a Worker, your work is to keep the ship in a good form, and work with your hands of course... The gamemode is only for ONE map: RP_Aurora_II , currently made by Lord Haydeb, the best mapper I know... Currently we are looking for people to help us in: Coding: -SWEP's -SENT's -T

Sing-engine - Sing: Half-Life Compatible Game Engine

Sing is Half-Life (binary)compatible engine. Based on Uncle Mike's Xash3D engine source code. Currently supports only Windows, we are recruiting developers to port it to other platforms. Features: Compatibility with most GoldSource modifications. Extended limits. MAX_EDICTS 600 - 4096 (vs 900 in GoldSource). MAX_TEMPENTS 300 - 2048 (vs 500 in GoldSource). MAX_PARTICLES 1024 - 8192 (vs 4096 in GoldSource). MAX_BEAMS 64 - 512 (vs 64 in GoldSource) MAX_VISIBLE_PACKET 512 - entityes (256 in GoldSour

Luastoned - Lua addons for Garry's Mod

IntroductionLuaMenu is a work in progress utility for the Half Life 2 modification Garry's Mod. It will give you more abilities in the menu environment, for example chatting with your friends via IRC. Why use LuaMenu?It'll make you happy :D Plugins to expand capabilities are extremely easy to write. There has not been anything like this before. Development is very active and new features are added almost weekly. Bugs are almost always fixed within 24 hours. Currently available featuresIRC iTunes

Sourcesdk-skeleton - A bare-minimum Source engine game

The Source SDK Skeleton implements the Source Engine, and nothing more. It is the ideal cruft-free base from which to build your own new game. UsageThe "swarm" or "2007" folder from this package should be extracted to a folder already containing the SDK Source code (it won't overwrite anything). Open one of the .sln files with Visual Studio to get started. The compiled DLLs will appear in in \\game\\sdk_skeleton. Edit the projects' Post-Build Event to redirect them to your mod's \\bin folder. Yo

gwen-vgui - Gwen with a VGUI renderer

Gwen with a VGUI renderer

XashXT - VGUI-less client derived from XashXT

VGUI-less client derived from XashXT