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Apache Commons VFS utilities such as a bridge to the Apache Mina FTP Server, a bridge to the Apache Mina SSHD / SCP / SFTP server and a scriptable Java Shell / Console providing a Command Line Interface with VFS file system commands and operations.




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To silnik do gier 2D tworzony przy pomocy:Języka: C++; Bibliotek: Allegro5, Boost, OpenSSL, STD, winsock2; Fizyki z: Box2D. Poszczególne moduły to:Graphics Core - odpowiada za to co zobaczymy na ekranie; Input Core - odpowiada za sterowanie w grze; Sound Core - odpowiada za dźwięk i jego efekty; Physic Core - odpowiada za fizykę oraz systemy cząsteczkowe; System Core - odpowiada za aplikacje, posiada klasy do obsługi maszyny stanów; Utility Core - Posiada klasy pomocnicze, Manager Zasob

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PyDingo will be a cross-platform File Manager based on PyQt4. The key feature will be pluggable widgets that will handle various URLs (text editor for text files, file browser for folders, media player for multimedia files and so on) shown in tabs (or opening files in external applications assigned to such files). Tabs will be detachable as QDock external windows or embedded on the PyDingo window sides (thus allowing 2 panel or more file management). The purpose of creating such application is t


VFS FTPServer Utils, mirrored from https://vfs-utils.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/vfs-utils

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