The Vexi Platform

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Vexi is a rich GUI platform for creating desktop-like Internet or intranet applications using an intuitive XML/JavaScript API and an extensible widget set with themes, JSON support. Communicate with servers using XMLRPC/SOAP/REST and runs on Java.



Related Projects

Vexigames - Vexi Games

Games written using the Vexi platform

Vegalib - Vexi Game Library

A library and other related tools for creating games using Vexi.

Quest2d - A 2D game engine for Vexi

Quest2D is a game engine for creating 2D games that is based on the Vexi platform. It makes it easier to create 2D games in Vexi as well as attempting to improve the Vexi platform for creating games.

Footballwizard - 2D football arcade game

An old school 2D football (aka soccer) arcade game when there focus is on simplicity and frantic, fun gameplay. It is created using Vexi. It is early in development. PrinciplesFast paced gameplay in the style of Kick Off and Sensible Soccer Intuitive controls that allow a wide range of actions Simple graphics

Vader - List Manager - create, export, edit, update

Lists are simple, managing them should be simple. Let Vader take control for you. Vader is a list manager created in Vexi. It is list management made easy - no complicated setup, no databases or faffing about in formats that don't suit you. Create and design your list, export it to HTML, and that's about as complicated as it gets. It was originally created for use in managing the Free Gamer games database.

Soccerboss - 2D football management game

A football (aka soccer) management game where the focus is on fun and simple gameplay that favours tactics over statistics. It is early in development.

XWT - XML Windowing Toolkit

XWT has since been superceeded by the Vexi project. ( XWT is the XML Windowing Toolkit. It lets you write remote applications -- applications that run on a server and quot;projectquot; their user interface over networks/Intern

Vexis - Versidyne EXtended Information Services

Versidyne EXtended Information Services