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Verse is a network protocol for creating client/server 3D applications. It uses subdivision surfaces as its sole geometric primitive, features a high-quality material description system, and many other neat features.



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Acts 20:2

quot;Traveling through the country, passing from one gathering to another, he gave *constant encouragement*, lifting their spirits and charging them with fresh hope.quot; -Acts 20:2 (MSG) Periodically pops up Bible verses to provide constant encouragement.

Virtual Hiker

Use map data to plan hikes or explore new areas. Includes 3D maps of terrain rendered in real-time; trace trails across the terrain and get height verses distance profiles; tile together adjacent maps to create seamless map areas. Reads USGS SDTS files.

Bible-verse-of-the-day - Google Desktop Gadget - Bible verse of the day

Displays a Bible verse everyday. You can also extract verses from the Bible by specifying the Book, Chapter and Passages to be displayed.

Versesharp - A C# implementation of the Verse protocol

A C# implementation of the Verse protocol. From the Verse homepage: "Verse is a network protocol that lets multiple applications act together as one large application by sharing data over a network. If one application makes a change to shared data, the change is distributed instantly to all the other interested clients. The protocol and associated data format are both heavily optimized for sharing data suitable for 3D graphics."


This project displays the free zefania-sharp XML bible\'s in a very nice way. The project is written in PHP and uses jquery for some nice gimmicks like highlighting your favorite verses in your desired color.

Daily Bread Screensaver

A screensaver which gives you a bible verse for each day together with a picture slide show. Currently developed in C#.

Storyverse - a web-based agile project management system

StoryVerse is a web-based application for agile project management for software development projects. The system is built using these technologies: .NET 2.0 (C#) Castle Monorail Castle ActiveRecord nVelocity Using StoryVerse: Getting Started Sreen Shots Revision History Problems? Discuss StoryVerse: StoryVerse Forum NOTE: If you are using StoryVerse, or even just considering it, please take a second to say hello and let us know you're out there. Thanks!

Dbverse - A database change management solution for .NET development

About DbVerseDbVerse offers .NET development teams an efficient and easy to use tool for database change management. It is primarily targeted at MS SQL Server environments. DbVerse provides two interrelated feature sets: An API that allows developers author database changes in C# A mechanism to automatically propagate database changes across all environments DbVerse offers some notable benefits: Easily integrates with any continuous build process to facilitate running integration tests in the CI


gVerse is a GTK+ program that displays a daily Bible verse. It can display the verse in a GTK+ window, or on the command line. The Bible verse will change everyday.

Songsender - A WPF application for song and text display on multimedia projectors.

This application is designed to be used by organisations, for example churches, to display songs and other content (bible verses etc) on a multimedia projector screen.