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VerliHub is a hub server for NMDC protocol. It runs on Linux/Unix/Windows/Mac OS X. It is written in C++ and has many useful plugins including LUA and Python. It has very low RAM/CPU usage and can hold more than 20.000 users.



Related Projects

Verlihub RPMs

Official Verlihub RPMs for PLD linux (and should work on others) and Binaries for Slackware Linux

Pyminidcbot - Python dc++ bot with a lot of features

Just started, so a full cup of features unavailible All bots (based on same python class) could login to hub with a password (Tested on Verlihub) Currently could: rssbot = login and post a few rss entries. testbot = login and have some dealing with owner commands (download filelist too, but single threaded ) Released rssbot 0.1 - logins to hub and posts rss posts from feed, than disconnects. btw, you could add request for command support via Issues or mail me. You will be welcome. TODO: 1. annou

VHCP - Verlihub Control Panel

Verlihub Contro Panel is a tool for the administration of your hubsoft VerliHub 0.9.7 (or higher). It's written in PHP so you can use it on every OS that runs Apache Web Server with PHP support. VHCP is tested with Apache 1.0 and 2.x and PHP 4.0.x/5.1.x


Ezechiele is the powerful verlihub BOT developed in LUA; many functions included such: proxy detection, fake detection, forbidden file detection, junk file detection, IPcontrol for operators, antiraw protection, netlimiter antiMOglo and many more!

Verlihub-ru - Verlihub R00T_ADMIN's Edition

Verlihub translated and modified by R00T_ADMIN.

Verlihub Italia

The Italian home for Verlihub - Il sito in Italiano con tutte le risorse per Verlihub, Linux amp; Co.

Aethvhscripts - Aethereal's VerliHub lua scripts

AethVHScriptsThis is a repository of scripts that are in use, or have been used, in void's hub. Most are written by myself, Aethereal, or by someone else from the verlihub forums. All scripts by Aethereal will be labelled as such in the first few lines of commenting.

Cverlihub - Direct Connect protocol server

Verlihub is a Direct Connect protocol server that is written in c++ and runs on all operating systems. Its fast, scaleable and is accompanied by numerous pluggins including lua, perl and python.

Ekzekutor - Universal HUB-robot for LUA 5.1.

Universal HUB-robot for LUA 5.1 Supports of VerliHub, PtokaX, Eximius, RusHub.

Mainbot - verlihub lua bot

Бот напи�ан на �зыке Lua дл� DirectConnect хаба Verlihub. Обладает множе�твом полезных и бе�полезных функций. Спи�ок длинный по�тому лучше по�мотрите �ами :)