Venom 3D Game Framework

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Venom is a small framework for writing 3d games and applications.



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Venome - Compiler for javalette

Project which must be done(mrjplab).

Venomphp - VenomPHP is an opensource php project that is created to be a light CMS.

Name: VenomPHP Current Version: 0.5 Author: Viperstryker Description: VenomPHP is an Opensource project written in php that is light in file size, very customizable, and free. v1.0 Release features: Admin Panel Add/Edit/Delete news through an ACP Enable/Disable comments on news articles Enable/Disable image gallery Add/Edit/Delete images Enable/Disable download section Download catagories Add/edit/delete catagories through ACP Add/Edit/Delete files Edit navigation through ACP And more to be adde

Venom OS

Venom Operating System. A protected mode kernel for i386+ PC's. Designed for games and multimedia.

Katipo - Checking your Webs - A crawler for web application testing

Katipo - Checking your WebsA crawler for testing of web applications. AimsMake a crawler for integration testing that will test all the accessible URLs of a web application, check they're valid, and measure the response times as a real user or a search engine bot would. Track changes over time so performance issues can be found and addressed early. Integrate nicely with existing build and test systems. Getting StartedThere aren't any releases yet, so check out the source code from trunk Have a r

Venom3d - 3D game framework built over directx 9

Game Frame work built over the directx 9 API. A partial game engine that was built for the final project to be done in ICAT. Created by Team phoenix. Programmers Parsuram Vijayasankar Nimesh Nair

Ftb2darkhd - DarkHD {Hack Device}

DarkHD, A Socom prx with all the up to date no 35 codes. Created by l33t.P0W3R and VENOM... For most of the ideas. This is only to be used for Socom Fire Team Bravo 2. You also need Custom Firmware "CFW". This should work on all firmwares as what I made in the source. =D If you need help just email me or catch me on Newest Updates 12-08-08 - Added My codes "l33t.P0W3R.txt" 11-16-08 - Fixed Inf Ammo and added Inf Clip 11-24-08 - Added No Fog and some more other stuff to veiw look in

Venom-fuzzer - An intelligent web application fuzzer distributed as a vmware virtual machine.

Venom Fuzzer is an attempt at an intelligent web application fuzzer. The project consists of a Debian linux virtual machine which has been hooked to monitor the various components of a web application in order to determine when a vulnerability has been triggered. It has a web interface, and a MySQL back end. The code will be up asap ;-)