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Pyroms - Python toolkit for the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS)

pyroms is a suite of tools for working with the Regional Ocean Modeling System. A grid class allows creation, reading and writing of model grids. Other tools are included to facilitate analysis and visualization of model output. The modules include: boundaryclick - Interactive boundary generation for use with Gridgen, a MATLAB-based orthogonal grid generator. Dataset - A wrapper for netCDF4.Dataset and MFnetCDF4.Dataset depths - Calculates regular depths from S-coordinate depths and parameters.

Midi-shape-shifter - MIDI VST for mapping, generating, and transforming MIDI data.

OverviewMIDI Shape Shifter (MSS) is a VST MIDI plugin for mapping, generating and transforming MIDI data. This plugin's simple and flexible interface is capable of satisfying a wide range of MIDI needs. For example, MIDI Shape Shifter could be used to: Apply a velocity curve Generate an LFO Create mappings between ranges of MIDI data Filter out specified MIDI data Apply midi compression or gate effects Automatically harmonize notes Create split/dual keyboard Transpose Control multiple parameters

Simpull - A 2D Java Physics Engine focused on simplicity, speed of execution and small footprint.

The name is a play on words - SIMulation (of the physical world) PULL (a physical action, described through physics). It also speaks to a primary goal of the engine - simple to use. A simple interface Verlet integration of particles (fixed & non-fixed) in system Joint/Constraints between particles in system (spring/angle) Rectangle (w/ rotation) and Circle (w/ angular velocity) shaped particles Composites (to create custom physics objects) Collision detection & response (simulated physics respon

Physics2d - Physics2D.Net: A 2D Physics Engine Written in C#.

Physics2D.Net is 2 dimensional rigid body physics engine written in C#. To work with XNA, Silverlight and .Net. It is a complete rewrite of my original physics 2D found on source forge. It is CLS compliant. Currently it has only one collision solver. The narrow phase collision detector is considered to be part of the solver. The Solver is Sequential impulses with a distance grid used for narrow phase detection. There are 4 Broad phase detectors to choose from. Features: Uses the split impulses s


move 公告Paoding Rest在2007年release 0.1到,2009年5月版本为0.9,目�更�Paoding Rose, 并转到 下,请跳转到新的页��过去 原内容Paoding-Rest is a java web rest framework based on spring. HOME: Forum: Paoding-Rest是Paoding中文分�作者的�一个开�项目。目�版本为0.4。 Paoding-Rest是什么 Paoding-Rest是使用Java编写的,基于Spring的

Protobufeditor - Protocol Buffer Message Editor

Editor for Protocol Buffers Binary Messages (stored in files or called from Java) using a Proto File. Functions included Viewing / Editing a message Comparing Messages Limitations currently include Unknown Fields (i.e. Fields not defined in the Proto File) are not visible. The project wraps Protocol Buffers objects as RecordEditor objects then calls the RecordEditor to do the actual editing. It is a member of a family of Editors that use a common core: Recor

4swebframework - 4s Webframework 简�,高效,���务

4S Webframework是一个简å�•ï¼Œé«˜æ•ˆï¼Œé�¢å�‘æœ�务的一个web框架 介ç»�: 一å�¥è¯�,“简å�•ï¼Œé«˜æ•ˆï¼Œé�¢å�‘æœ�务â€�,web界,java框架多如牛毛,但我大多ä¸�喜欢,最喜欢的一个是Playï¼�,但是全é�™æ€�方法很是ä¸�爽,一直想自己打造一个简å�•çš„,正好最近有个比较大的web项目è¦�å�šï¼Œæ‰€ä»¥ä¹˜æœºå†™äº†ä¸€ä¸ªï¼Œæ–¹ä¾¿è‡ªå·±æœ�务大家(:)),ä¸�过暂时ä¸�建议大家在生产环境使用,等我ç»�过这个项目验è¯�å�Žå†�æ

Lakesim-rtm - Reaction-Transport Modelling of Limnological Environments

Copyright © 2011 Severin Stojanovic, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada LakeSIM RTM TM is a trade-mark of Severin Stojanovic. Short Description: Numerical reaction-transport modelling of limnological dynamics. Developer: Severin Stojanovic Contact: severin.stojanovic {at} gmail {dot} com About Program Development, License, and Disclaimer Download and Version History Documents How to install and run LakeSIM RTM Theory of the model Numerical implementation of the model The Self-Consistent Trophic State Inde

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