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Velocity2Js transforms Velocity templates to JavaScript functions. These functions can be easily integrated in any ajax-based Web Application. The context used in the velocity templates can be passed as an associative array (eg. JSON).



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Openid-server - JOIDS(Java OpenID Server). A multi-domain, multi-user OpenID Provider

JOIDS(Java OpenID Server) is a multi-domain, multi-user OpenID Provider based on OpenID4Java, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Velocity. FeaturesOpenID Identifier in the format http(s):// or http(s):// etc. Multi-domain support. Multi-user support. Account management. Multilingual support (now ba, de, en_US, es, hr, ja, pt, sr, zh_CN, zh_HK, zh_TW are available). RequirementsJDK 1.5+ A servlet container (such as Apache Tomcat, for more containers see List of S

Diffable - Client-side differential patching of static resources.

Please be sure to read the blog for project news and updates! IntroductionDiffable is a method for reducing page load latency by transmitting differential encodings of static files. It works by sending deltas between versions of files that reside in a browser's cache. In web applications, files such as Javascript, HTML, and CSS are often updated every week or more, but change very little between versions. This method significantly reduces the bandwidth and transmission time for these files and i

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New Project: AS3NUISimilar project to check out too, that I've been working on and using with my projects is AS3NUI, it allows you to build an Adobe Air application that runs with a Native Extension, so the performance is awesome: Check it out here: Current Version: Alpha 1.3.0This project has taken the OpenNI and Prime Sense NITE frameworks and exposed them to Adobe Flash and the Adobe Flex framework through the use of socket servers. Now allowing Flash developers the abi

Jiffy-web - Jiffy is an end-to-end real-world web page instrumentation and measurement suite.

Jiffy OverviewJiffy is an end-to-end real-world web page instrumentation and measurement suite. The first beta was released on 6/23/2008, as announced at O'Reilly Velocity 2008. Here's a a copy of the slides and here's the video. Jiffy was built and is maintained by the team. Jiffy allows developers to measure individual pieces of page rendering (script load, AJAX execution, page load, etc.) on every client report those measurements and other metadata to a web server aggregate web

Lite - 天得一以清 地得一以�

Lite 是什么缩写自List Template,是一个由简�的控制指令集和一个表达�解�引擎组�的简�模�引擎。 模�语言所解�的中间格�,由数组�字符串�和整数三�数�类型组�。数组就是这里唯一的��类型,于是,我采用List Template�命�这个模�引擎。List 和Template��两个首字�,组�Lite这个��。 用户�能直接编写控制指令,如�java程�员�能直接编写字节�一样,Li

Kandash - Lightweight kanban web-based board and set of analytics tools

Kanban Dashboard (Kandash)Version 0.3 alfa is available New in this version: Reporting capabilities (cumulative flowchart, statisctics, etc.) Improved interactivity with COMET support (thx to Atmosphere) Boosted performance (thx to Akka) Looks a bit less ugly :) A lot of bugfixes Version 0.3 will be available soonv 0.3 will be integrated with Akka Framework (code in progress is currently available under "akka" branch). Akka Framework provides functional enterprise-scale actors, simple COMET supp


<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html xmlns=""> <head> <script type="text/javascript" src="raf.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="Paddle.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="ball.js"></script> <script> var paddle; var ball; var brick; var ctx; var canvas; var WIDTH; var HEIGHT; var rightDown = false, leftDown = false; var ballNum = 3;