Vega Strike

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Vega Strike is a 3d OpenGL Action Space Sim for Win/Lin/Mac allowing players to trade, bounty hunt, or explore in a vast universe. Vega Strike is mod ready and network playable.



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Open source Star Trek based game (based on VegaStrike Engine) that lets you fight, trade and explore in the Star Trek universe.

VSU: Black Paralysis

Set in the Vegastrike universe, you are a dockyard worker on a Confederate research base. At least, that's who you used to be. Now the future of the Confederacy, and even your own survival, are no longer assured. Be all you can be, or be nothing at all.

Vsdesigndocs - Design documentation for the Vega Strike Engine, Game, and Universe

Design documentation for the Vega Strike Engine, Game, and Universe. Contains source LaTeX, images, and associated Perl build scripts for developing documentation for the Vega Strike Engine, Vega Strike Game(s), and Vega Strike Universe.

vegaogre - vegastrike ogre3d experiment

vegastrike ogre3d experiment


vegastrike ogre3d experiment

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