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vec2web is a small tool to convert vector drawings (currently DXF) to graphics which can be used on the web (currently PNG, GIF, JPEG and SWF). However, vec2web can also convert DXF drawings to XBM, XPM, PNM, MNG and BMP. PS / EPS support is planned.



Related Projects

Osgboostpython - boost.python bindings for OpenSceneGraph

boost.python bindings for OpenSceneGraph. Hand-written to hopefully be more optimized, and also to be able to offer a more python-esque view of the OSG data structures. See the README.txt file in the sources for how to build and use the wrappers. They are still very much a work in progress, but basic things work well. For example, we can translate osg::createTexturedQuadGeometry() which is in src/osg/Geometry.cpp almost literally to Python: # As a test of the capacity to create osg::Geometry thr

Footpedal - USB foot pedal integration for GNOME desktops

footpedal acts as a "pseduo-driver" for the USB foot pedal for transcriptionists by VEC. It lets you assign arbitrary keystrokes to the left, middle, and right pedal. You could find one on eBay, or it might also work with a home-built USB foot pedal. It is useful for hands-free web surfing during your lunch break. It allows you to cycle through tabs in the browser and scroll up and down the page, among other things. You can either assign a function to all three pedals, or leave one pedal free fo

Pysimsearch - Python library for similarity search

PySimSearchPython library for measuring the similarity of objects (such as web pages). Currently intended primarily for pedagogical purposes. Requires Python v2.7.1 or greater Note: code is now on github, at Sample script usage: $ python files ['', '', '']sim('','http://www.ber