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3D visualization software that allows the user to display earthquakes, faults and other related features under the surface of the earth. SCEC VDO is also capable of exporting quality movies for educational and media purposes.

Ephpub - Ephemeral Publishing using Primary Internet Services

1. IntroductionEphPub (Ephemeral Publishing) implements a novel key storage mechanism for time-bounded content, that relies on the caching mechanism of the Domain Name System (DNS). Please refer to the following sections to learn how to install and use the application. 2. Install EphPub AddonThe EphPub can be installed on both Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird. The extension requires Python library to function properly. Here are the steps to install the extension: Download PythonExt, regarding you

Truckpc - TruckPC is a Python project for offroad truck (old ones ;-) ) enthusiasts that: 1. visuali

TruckPCTruckPC is a Python project for offroad truck (old ones ;-) ) enthusiasts under Linux that: 1. visualise sensors (eg temperature) and put watchdogs, 2. read a GPS and display coordinates, speed, course and 3. have tripmaster functionality. Everything touchscreen ready ... and future-functionality: CAN-bus sensor reading ! TruckPC DreamOur dream is to have the TruckPC fully functional in a nowadays Dakar / Africa Race Offroad Truck ! Today Functionalitiesread sensors with Arduinoread stand

Spo-mrs - Media Rental Store (VDO)

ระบบร้านเช่าวีดีโอ ซีดี ดีวีดี

Rallyduino - An Open Source rally computer

The rallyduino project aims to design both the hardware and software required to build an open source rally computer. To see the system running in a test environment, please checkout the following video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyW1XwZ2ToM The current version of the rallyduino software contains the following features: 2 independant distance/time/speed counters Tracking of distance/speed in miles or kilometers and can be switched on the fly Count up and down (With appropriate recalculation

Multidisplay - Arduino based open source display for interesting measurand´s of a car.

Important News: to get the support and development sorted we created a forum where everything about it can be discussed! http://mdforum.designer2k2.at/ Join in and help us spreading this project even more, or just get the support you need! -- Wichtige Neuigkeit: um die Hilfe und Entwicklung rund ums MultiDisplay auf einem Fleck zu konzentrieren haben wir ein Forum dafür erstellt! http://mdforum.designer2k2.at/ Registrierts Euch, und helft uns dabei das Projekt weiter zu verbessern, oder auch ei

Thaiexam - โปรà¹�à¸�รมสร้างข้อสอบ ระบบข้อสอบอà

โปรà¹�à¸�รมสร้างข้อสอบ โปรà¹�à¸�รมทำข้อสอบ ข้อสอบ คลังข้อสอบ ระบบข้อสอบออนไลน์ à¹�นวข้อสอบ ตัวอย่างข้อสอบ ฟรีทุà¸�อย่าง http://www.EXAM.in.th/ คุณสมบัติเบื้องต้น - ฟรี เว็บไซต์ของตัวเอง เช่น www.EXAM.in.th/username - ฟรี à


Army list builder for Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy