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VDM.net So how can I call you My Dear Project?




Related Projects

Overture: Formal Modelling in VDM

The Overture project is developing a set of open source Eclipse plug-ins to support the integration of various VDM modelling tools (Vienna Development Method). The aim is to provide support for all existing VDM tools and language dialects.

Coupling Overture to UML

Coupling VDM++ to UML 2.1.2 in a bidirectional transformation. Done as a VDM++ specification and implemented in Java for Eclipse as a sub component to OvertureTools.

Virtual-datacenter-manager - VirtualDatacenterManager

VDM is used to manage the private cloud of vmware, xen and kvm.

Qdm - QDM : Quotes de Merde

Quotes de MerdeApplication affichant les quotes de VDM dans un premier temps If you default language is not french you will have access to Quotes from FML On the Market Screencasts

Finestra Virtual Desktops

A virtual desktop manager made for Windows Vista and 7 using the new thumbnail APIs to create a live preview of all of your desktops. It also supports Windows XP. Organize all of your open windows with a full screen interactive virtual desktop preview.

Rapidminer-semweb - preprocessing operators for RapidMiner for improved learning on semanticweb

This project consist of two data transformation techniques FastMap and the Correspondence Analysis which are developed as RapidMiner 5.0 and 5.1 operators. Together with Feature vector generation operator, and a visualization operator for visualizing the distance matrix and the transformed data matrix, and data refinement operator. These data transformation techniques uses the four distance metrics Levenshtein, Dice-coefficient, VDM and VDM-SetValue which are also the part of the project. These

Soits - Exercise group for the course Specification of IT systems

Exercise group for the course Specification of IT systems. Course website https://services.brics.dk/java/courseadmin/SoITS/pages/Specifications+of+IT+Systems Aarhus School of Engineering - Fall 2011

mas0061's public project

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