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This project is a class library of PHP components which replicate VCL for Win32



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VCL4PHP Open Components

This project aims to hold and develop third party VCL for PHP components, always under an Open Source license.

Crvcl - crVCL PHP Framework

crVCL PHP Frameworkis based on PHP 5.2.1 and Javascript 1.4 (or higher). It provide classes and function for develop easy and fast web applications/webpages with graphical components. It give you more comfort in developing web applications with high usability. Rapid Application Development for PHP crVCL is inspired by JEDI VCL and Java Spring Main Features: MVC, GUI-Components, Ajax, SQL-Builder, MySQL-Loadbalancing, MySQL High Performance, MySQL High Availability, XML-Classes, Sphinx Full Text

car-share project

CarShareCarShare is a software project designed to connect people who travel between cities. It's purpose is that everybody, who owns a car or any other vehicle can offer his free seats in his vehicle publicly to other people, which will travel on the same route. When anybody needs to travel somewhere, he can look up a registered user in our application which will go the same way in the same time. It will be even possible to communicate with other users, to negotiate the terms, departure time, e

Glsnewton - Delphi OpenGL engine

Обновление: Загружена альфа вер�и� VBOMesh 2.0 Из о�новных изменений: 1. Отказ от �и�темы тек�тур и материалов �цены (и�пользование только через кла��-адаптер) 2. Отказ от �ценов�ких загрузчиков геометрии 3ds/obj; 3. Добавлены новые объекты - коллекци�, контейнер, �ффект, �крипт; 4. Изм