Visualization and Computer Graphics Lib

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A portable C++ templated library for manipulation, displaying with OpenGL and processing of triangle and tetrahedral meshes. Together with the library a set of tools for processing and visualizing 3d meshes are distributed.



Related Projects


Cflow2vcg convert the result of the cflow utility in a VCG format. It offers the ability to view graphically the call-graph of sources, and import it in documentation.


MeshLab, a mesh processing system, for user assisted editing, cleaning, filtering and rendering of large unstructured 3D triangular meshes (typical 3D scanning meshes). The system relies for mesh processing tasks on the gpl VCG library (

Autodia - Tool to generate diagrams, documents, etc from source code or database

Autodia is a command line Perl application that generates UML class diagrams from source code, SQL, and database connections. It supports multiple programming languages including SQL, and can output images (using GraphViz/VCG/SpringGraph), Dia XML and Umbrello XML, or custom formats using templates. Bug tracking provided by CPAN at

Aes4web - Encrypt data into web-safe strings

Using AES through pyCrypto ( library, we create base64 encoded strings suitable for use in URLs or Cookies. My use is as follows: >>> import json>>> from aes4web import AES4WEB>>> >>> data = { "some key": "some value"}>>> json_string = json.dumps(data)>>> crypto = AES4WEB('password')>>> cipher = crypto.encrypt(json_string)>>> cipher'UFbxBcRt-chB0zkOjrcxdCeWeRKxToYuBRnifNu4IxpKj0kVcgNbo_aC27IgGneP'>>> >>> # cipher is a string safe for urls.... >>> # to deco

Vcg-kfm - Product of VCG

This is first product of VCG

Toolbox-of-eric - a collection of useful tools written by myself

libiberty The libiberty library used by the tools here. tree2vcg Generate vcg format file from gcc tree dump, which can be viewed as a graph by a vcg tool (e.g. Gcc can generate vcg format file only for rtl dump. So this tool can help you read the tree-level program. asm2vcg Generate vcg format file from .s file. This requires gcc to be patched with output_bb_info.patch, which is based on gcc-4.4.0. The parser is based on mips assembly, so it may need a lit

Gcc-vcg-plugin - A gcc plugin, which can be loaded when debugging gcc, to show internal structures g

A gcc plugin, which can be loaded when debugging gcc, to show internal structures graphically. Available commands include, view-bb ---- show the basic block view-bbs ---- show the basic blocks view-cgraph ---- show the current call graph view-dominance ---- show the current dominance graph view-function ---- show the current function in tree-level view-gimple-hierarchy ---- show gimple statement structure hierarchy view-loop ---- show the loop view-passes ---- show passes view-rtx ---- show a sp

Pyramid-point-renderer - Pyramid Point Renderer

Pyramid-point-renderer is an image-space rendering algorithm for point-based models. It uses a pyramid scheme to reconstruct the model from the point samples with radius and normals. This project includes codes for the main algorithm from three already published articles. It uses the VCG library VCG, and the application files are a bridge between the interface and the actual rendering code. It currently uses GLUT, but it should be no trouble using other interfaces such as Qt (I've tried it befor

Cadmesh - A CAD file interface for GEANT4

UPDATEFebruary 18, 2010: Added support for COLLADA files (exportable from Google Sketchup) - requires QtXml and OpenGl. Enabled with ./configure --enable-collada User-code GNUMakefiles only require "include cadmesh.gmk" for compilation with settings made during configure persevered. Building with cmake is coming... October 17, 2011: Version v0.6.1 available in the downloads section (replacing v0.6) fixing compile errors if all includes not in the same direction when compiling shared library (old

VCG - Release history of VCG

Release history of VCG