VCDIFF Generic Differencing and Compression Data Format

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VCDIFF is a general, efficient and portable data format suitable for encoding compressed and/or differencing data so that they can be easily transported among computers.



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Open-vcdiff - An encoder/decoder for the VCDIFF (RFC3284) format

An encoder and decoder for the format described in RFC 3284: "The VCDIFF Generic Differencing and Compression Data Format." The encoding strategy is largely based on Bentley-McIlroy 99: "Data Compression Using Long Common Strings." A library with a simple API is included, as well as a command-line executable that can apply the encoder and decoder to source, target, and delta files. A slight variation from the draft standard is defined to allow chunk-by-chunk decoding when only a partial delta fi

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Xdelta is a tool and library for differential compression. Xdelta release version 3 supports VCDIFF encoding and decoding. Supports compressing 64 bit files on Windows, Linux, etc. Xdelta 3.0 is a stable release and being actively developed. Xdelta 1.1.4 is a maintenance release. Xdelta 1.1.0 was released in 1999.

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DEFS (DElta FileSystem) is a FUSE (FileSystem in UserSpace) filesystem designed to minimize the storage space tasked with storing multiple copies of files with small differences. When operating on a defs filesystem, the hard link system call (triggered by ln or cp -l) is replaced with a 'firm link' implementation, the goal being a middle ground between hard links (where no extra space is taken, but the resulting file is immutable) and a full copy (where twice the space is taken). The firm links

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Open-VCDiff wrapper

Vcdiff - Vcdiff - diff and patch for binary data

Vcdiff - diff and patch for binary data