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vCard4J is a complete toolkit to manipulate vCards (RFC 2426) in Java. It contains a parser to read vCard files. It also includes a compiler to extend the library. And it contains XSLTs to produce vCards 3.0, xHTML, ..., from the internal DOM structure.



Related Projects

Ical4j - A suite of Java libraries for managing iCalendar and vCard data

The following libraries are included in the ical4j suite: ical4j - provides an object model for iCalendar data, including support for parsing, generating and validating iCalendar objects ical4j-vcard - an object model for vCard data, with support for parsing and generating vCard objects, with validation and Groovy-based builder support ical4j-connector - support for interacting with iCalendar and vCard object stores, including CalDAV/CardDAV and JCR-based implementations