Version Control Control

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VCsup2; is a tool that integrates with off-the-shelf version control systems and monitors file system access in order to enhance awareness among users. The tool warns about actions made by other users and suggests conflict avoiding actions.



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movie thumbnailer

movie thumbnailer (mtn) -- saves thumbnails (screenshots) of movie or video files to jpeg files. it uses libavcodec as its engine, so all popular codecs, eg. divx h264 mpeg1 mpeg2 mp4 vc1 wmv xvid, and formats, eg. .3gp .avi .dat .mkv .wmv are supported.

massid3lib - Mp3 Tag Tools

Mp3 Tag Tools - intutive ID3v1 amp; v2.x, lyrics, picture tag editor, mp3 organizer. massid3lib - An Open source library in VC++ 6.0 amp; MFC for seek and mass tagging of individual one or more set id3 v1.1 fields.

Nglogviewer - The viewer for log of dbgview (off-line)

Simple function Reduce the dbgview output Include Exclude Save as reduced log colored output (F4) Bookmark (F2, Ctrl F2) Develop by MS VC 2005

Jelog - a log project for c plus plus, it's a just enough logging system

it gives some kinds of output format,e.g. regular text , xml or others you can implements form the interface. sometimes you want to print message, printf is too simple, but some opensource logging system is too complex, then, you can try this, its a just enough logging system. default provides for you these methods: trace, info,debug,warning,notice,error,wassert,fatal,output and all the code is platform Independent, support win32 and linux, had tested with vc6.0, vc7.0, vc8.0, vc9.0, and gcc3.2

Ppsocket - P2PSocket

点对点的SOCKET,支�内网穿�和数���传输。 底层使用UDP/UDT�议,使用C++(VC2003)开�。 目��支�windows平�。

Libhttpd-vs - An adaptation of LibHTTPD embedded server library for better compatibility with Visual

LibHTTPD-VC is a modification of libhttpd 1.4 from Hughes Technology. This project will create a static library (.lib) suitable for use with Microsoft Visual Studio. The solution file is created using VS2008 SP1. This library depends on Ws2_32.lib (Microsoft Winsock 2). If you want to link to this library, do not forget to link to Ws2_32.lib. See testserver project for example. LibHTTPD is licensed under GPL. Therefore, LibHTTPD-VC is licensed under GPL too. If you want to use LibHTTPD in your c

Vcproj2eclipse - Convert Visual Studio C++ Projects (*.vcproj) to Eclipse CDT (MinGW) Projects

Microsoft Visual Studio C++ projects are transformed by a XSL templatethrough saxon processor into Eclipse CDT Projects.Prerequisites1. MinGW 2. Saxon XSLT processor 3. Eclipse CDT Galileo

Movieinfofetch - movie infomation fetcher

the first wxpython program written by Felix Yan 我的第一个在 Boa Constructor 下写的 wxPython 程�… 基本功能1, 输入影片�(中文/英文, �以�输全) 输出影片信� 2, 从资�管�器拖放mkv文件到窗�, 输出影片信�+文件信�(分辨率 片长 MD5/SHA1/ed2k链接 等等) Win下无法�行请下载安装微软 VC2008 �行库. ChangeLog

Rtoss - RTOSS: some programs and scripts that was created or modified by me

RTOSS: some programs and scripts that was created or modified by me Which contains: ATrack - my own simple audio tracker File Releases - my own file release PHP script FileList - Modified Directory Listing Script by Ash Young GSPlayeR - Modified GSPlayer by GreenSoftware, Information page GreenPad - Modified GreenPad by k.inaba, Download binary in Blog entry GreenPad-nt350 - a fork of GreenPad for running in NT 3.50 merged to GreenPad GreenPad-nt31 - a fork of GreenPad-nt350 for running in NT 3.