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vbox3web is a Perl Web Frontend with Multi-Language support for managing your vbox3 messages.




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Vbox-wmi - Web interface for managing VirtualBox servers.

VBox WMI is a Java and Java Servlets based web application for managing multiple VirtualBox servers. It provides a layer of security and control over the servers, and makes the use of VirtualBox as an enterprise virtualisation platform more viable. If you are interested in what the application is about and how it works, check the introduction page and if you want to get an idea of how the user interface looks, see the screenshots page. For more general and/or specialised information, take a look

Xerte3 - Xerte 3

Xerte 3.0Xerte 3 is a complete re-write of Xerte, using the Flex framework and written in FlashDevelop. The project is currently a beta - there is much to do, but it functions right now and you should be able to create real content with it, and start exploring the interface. Xerte 3 is written in ActionScript 3.0 and is built on the Flex 4 SDK using FlashDevelop. Xerte 3.0 changes the way Xerte works a little bit, but is much more powerful, and makes things that were difficult to do in Xerte 2 q