Vertebrate Bridging Ontology (VBO)

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An ontology of homologies between anatomical structures across species within the subphylum Vertebrata



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CSat is a small C# Open Source 3D-library, using OpenTK (C# binding to the OpenGL API). OS: windows, linux, osx Req: at least OpenGL 1.5, but then one have no shaders, fbo etc. Features:should work on GL1.5, GL2, GL3 loads .scene -file (ogre3d fileformat) and setups meshes, lights and camera loads simple .mesh.xml (no animation) and .material files (ogre3d fileformats) loads animated md5-models (doom3 fileformat) loads jpg, png and dds files VBO FBO bitmapFonts billboards skybox camera frustum c

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Please note that I will not be supporting and updating this menu. I keep it only for reference. The code is quite too old. Check google there is plenty of menus available online. DHTML, Hierarchical, Object Oriented, Open Source Menu. Compatible with Firefox, Netscape 6+, Mozilla 1+, MSIE 5+, Opera. IE for MAC (Internet Explorer 5+ for Macintosh) This version will not work on Netscape 4.

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An android framework/game engine consisting of a scene graph plus some utility classes. It's mainly aimed to abstract OpenGL ES. It's developed to function with the Android Dev Phone 1 that features an accelerometer, magnetometer, touchscreen and trackball. If you got another device, please test it and report back! Some of the current features: Spatial key frame animations (no morphing) Picking OBJ importer Binary importer/exporter Lighting Materials Simple sensor filtering VBO support In the cu

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Simple OpenGL framework projected for GNU/Linux platform, written in C++ (11 standard). Abilities: easy rendering 3-dimentional objects, moving, rotating, scaling; importing objects from .obj file, including .mtl files with materials; reading, compiling and executing shaders; binding shaders to objects; simple texturing, normal/specular mapping; camera service; moving, rotating, two types = FPP and spherical; VBO/VAO support; input service; mouse, keyboard. Requirements: OpenGL 2.1 or higher; Op

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This project aims at building 2D/3D CAD system This project use the fundamental tools: C++ programming language and its libraries stl, boost MFC/Qt GUI framework, build with Visual Studio 2005/2008 OpenGL graphics API and GLSL This project will be implemented: With object oriented design & programming method in mind Apply design pattern everywhere to make the design more flexible, modular, reusable, and understandable Learn from existing libraries such as: Qt, Coin3D(Open Inventor), IrrLicht? &

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OverviewOpenVOX is a real-time voxelization and transformation API designed to live on top of OpenCL. It can generate boundary voxelizations, solid voxelizations, and distance fields. Currently it is just an API specification, not an implementation. Designed for operations that take place on a per-frame basis Not suitable for huge data sets, offline processing, or serialization to disk Exposes a simple C API, following conventions borrowed from OpenGL and OpenCL Directly reads from OpenGL VBOs a

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vbo snow simulation build with openframeworks

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