VB6 and VB.NET Inter-op Samples German for VB.NET Jetzt

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MSDN Webcast - VB.NET Jetzt Sample Code. For more info see http://msdn.microsoft.com/de-de/vbrun




Related Projects


SimplyVBUnit 4.1 is a VB6 unit testing framework written in Visual Basic 6. It closely follows the GUI setup of NUnit. Creating Tests is a snap, as you don't need to implement anything, just add your tests to a new class and GO! Easily get started with the wiki.


VBCorLib is a Visual Basic 6 implementation of many classes found in the .NET framework. The classes within VBCorLib can be used nearly identically as the .NET counterpart. This allows for easy data sharing between a .NET application and VB6.


melon is a set of toolkits and libraries designed to bridge the gap between Visual Basic 6 and the Windows API. While melon is designed primarily for VB developers, it can be used by other high-level languages as well. Development of the next major relea


TrueDownloader Open source download accelerator / manager written in Visual Basic 6 for Windows. Supports HTTP and FTP downloads. MultiSegmented download, ZIP file preview, low CPU usage.


Automatic make utility for Visual Basic 6.

BarBara Barcode Library

Barcode recognition library (vb6, VB.NET amp; PHP5). Reads from Windows GDI device, .NET Graphics object or PECL Imagick source. Supports Code39, UPC, MSI, 2of5, Codeabar and many others.


Skyscraper aims to be a fully featured 3D virtual building simulator. The current version (2.0) is written in C++ and uses both CrystalSpace and wxWidgets. The older version (1.0) was written in VB6.


Musicom is a fully fledged P2P client written in Visual Basic 6 that utilitzes GnucDNA and the gnutella protocol. The client comes with integrated chat that can be customized to use any IRC server, and a media player. Multisource downloading also works.

Program Killer

The Program Killer is a Delphi 6 program that monitors the Process List on Windows 95/98/Me and Windows NT4/2000/XP for unauthorized EXE files (User Definable) and if found, those Processes are Terminated via the Windows API.

VB MP3 Player

VB MP3 Player is an easy and simple MP3 Player written in Visual Basic 6. It does not use the Windows Media Player plugin, only windows MCI. The player should play MP3, WAV, MIDI and maybe in the future AVI and DivX.