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This tools allows you to use XML documentation tags in VB.NET sources like in C#. It extracts your comments in the same way as the c# compiler, so you can for example create a documentation using the free tool NDoc. Becomes obsolete with VB.NET 2005.




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A Visual Basic macro for Outlook 2002 (XP) that exports categories of contacts to vCard files (2.1 and 3.0) and collects email addresses into white and black lists (or just lists). No GUI, the user must use the Outlook macro editor. Click Docs for he

Dylan's XAML Word

A word processor that instead of saving to txt, doc etc it saves to .xaml files. That means it creates flow documents. Even the inexperienced can use it.

VbDoc Script

A simple script to generate JavaDoc-like docs from VB source. Works on ASP pages, vb forms and classes and vbscript sources.

Gaiaflowplayer - GaiaFlowPlayer - FlowPlayer (.FLV) ajaxified as a ASP.NET server control

It has never been easier to enable High Quality Video on your internet site. Just add the control, set a few properties and you are finished. Complete project description and live samples at docs.gaiaware.net The Ajax mechanics was built on top of the powerful Ajax framework Gaia Ajax for ASP.NET and Mono, which is developed by Gaiaware. The control was written using C# 3.0 and the solution files can be opened in Visual Studio.NET 2008. Attached you will find VB.NET Samples and C# Samples for us

Kaormand - easycad

easy donlin vb.net & doc

Ironpython - Example IronPython code. Including Silverlight and embedding IronPython and C#.

A repository for the maintenance and development of IronPython examples. IronPython is a C# implementation of Python for .NET and Mono. It is built on the DLR (Dynamic Language Runtime) and also runs on Silverlight 2. Articles and downloads for these examples are available from the Voidspace IronPython Pages. This repository also contains all the example code that accompanies the book IronPython in Action. This includes: An example Windows Forms application called MultiDoc System administration

O72pdf - Convert Office documents including Office 2007 to PDF format

Office 2007 includes the ability to convert documents using its programs (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) to PDF documents for portability and storage. But how do you convert a large number of them without getting into PDF licensing worries? If you have Office 2007 installed, and also have its PDF/XPS Export Library Add In installed, then this set of tools will let you perform the conversion easily. We will also work on ways to make tools from this project work without needing Office 2007 on the target

Ampatu - 911 Computer-Assisted-Dispatch System using python, web2py and postgres

Ampatu is a 911 Emergency Event Management web application running on top of the web2py Python framework and PostgreSQL database. Goals: Easy to use Simple and customizable design Minimal maintenance Low cost & commodity hardware support Free software (open source) based on volunteer collaboration Features: Incident archiving: event type, reporting party, telephone transcript synopsis, phone/911/radio operator and custom data (for Fire, Police & Emergency Medical Services, et.al.) Simple 4 state

Xbmc-skinning - XBMC Skin Editor

XBMC Skin Editor for XBMC version 2.0 and upwards. This project will enable a community of developers to develop an application to enable easy to use skin editing. How To Obtain the SourceTo obtain the very latest, up to date release. You will need a SVN Client (like TortoiseSVN). The URL for the Repository is https://xbmc-skinning.googlecode.com/svn/trunk Project Layouttrunk\\ trunk\\Plug-Ins (Contains plugins sources for the Editor) trunk\\Setup (This will contain the files/project for creatin

QlikView Management API in vb.net

For more info see: http://community.qlikview.com/docs/DOC-3647 a conversion from c# to vb.net