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This program plays/records audio from modem in 'raw modem' format and extracts/acts on DLE-shielded codes such as DTMF, busy, etc. It was designed as the 'key' piece of a bash-script based voicemail system.



Related Projects


Conquest is a Unix/C port of a real-time, multi-player space warfare game that was originally written in RATFOR for the VAX/VMS platform by Jef Poskanzer and Craig Leres. It supports both curses and OpenGL interfaces. Sound is supported as well.

eVAX - A VAX emulator

eVAX is a software emulation of a VAX computer, written entirely in portable C. The emulator includes a quot;high functionquot; console that supports assembly, disassembly, and debugging of VAX programs. eVAX has a limited ability to run VAX/VMS programs as wel

Linux/VAX Porting Project

A port of the linux kernel to the Digital Equipment Corp. VAX architecture and line of minicomputers.


TS10 now is multi-system emulator system that includes three working emulators: PDP-10 (KS10 and KL10), PDP-11 (KDF11 and KDJ11), and VAX (MicroVAX II and VAXserver 3900).

Vaxmusic - Embeddable library that allows you to play your own music inside an application or game!

vaxMusic! This is a small Dynamic Link Library(DLL) that can either be loaded, or injected into an application or a game to play MP3 files from your music folder. This is useful so you don't have to have a media player open in the background hogging so many system resources! This can be used for any game, or any application, you can also change the path of the music folder to load music from any location on your system. This is programmed in C++, and for a few reasons, it only works on Windows f

Edt Text Editor

Simple text editor emulates VAX VMS EDT. Uses numeric key-pad for common editing functions. Easy to learn, efficient, enables rapid editing. Multiple buffers. Handles large files. Light-weight.

Libfloatconvert - Floating Point number Conver Library - between IEEE, IBM or VAX formats

libfloatconvert - the Floating Point number Convert Library. With this lib, you can convert floating point number formats between IEEE(32bits, 64bits), IBM(32 bits, 64 bits) or VAX(32bits). Of course, in the case of more, you only need to recover the data according the formats instead of converting. libfloatconvert - 一个浮点数格�转�库。通过这个库,你�以自由地把浮点数在IEEE(32bits, 64bits), IBM(32 bits, 64 bits), VAX(32bits格�之间转�。当然,在更多地

MacVAX-As - Assembler for MacVAX Mac OS 9 Vax 11/750 simualator

Assembler for MacVAX Mac OS 9 Vax 11/750 simualator

skirb - SkiFree (VAX edition) clone for ruby

SkiFree (VAX edition) clone for ruby