The NPCFF Vault

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The idea of this project is to create a PHP amp; MySQL powered system of centralising files between people, it will include profiles, administration, automatic sighnup, editing of files, folder systems and search engine.



Related Projects

VaultClipse - Vault Plugin for Eclipse

VaultClipse is a plugin for Eclipse which allows users to import, export and merge content between from Day CQ and CRX repositories and Eclipse.


DIASER, Geo-data duplication long-term archive system amp; WAN vault. Manage mixed data archives generated by existing backup software. Ensure availability using commodity hardware. Retain administrative and financial control.

SimpleVault Password Manager

SimpleVault is a simple web-based password manager using strong encryption algorithms. It is very easy to install and use SimpleVault.

HealthVault ASP.NET MVC2 application

The HealthVault MVC2 application demonstrates : 1. Usage of HealthVault SDK in an ASP.NET MVC2 project. 2. Localization in an MVC2 3. CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations in HealthVault

ioupg code vault

Collection of the personal snippets and mini libraries.

Vault - Vault of common API's for Bukkit Plugins

Vault of common API's for Bukkit Plugins

Vault API Wrapper in IronPython

This project wraps the functions most likely to be used in an automated build process while using Vault, for use by any .Net program, or with VFP when using the .Net Extender for VFP from eTecnologia. It is written using the .Net Compiler for VFP, aka VFP.Net.

Ivault-apis - Libraries and APIs for iVault file format

This project contains documentation, APIs and Libraries for iVault file format for several languages like Java, C++ etc. The coding style used is Sun Java coding conventions with following exceptions and additions: The line length is 100 characters Helpful links