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Vapour is a validation service to check whether semantic web data is correctly published according to the current best practices, as defined by the Linked Data principles, the Best Practice Recipes and the Cool URIs. VAPOUR project has been moved to bitbucket



Related Projects

Ehlo - SMTP server

An email server in the works. Still vapour.

Vapour Liquid Equilibrium using Java

Vapour Liquid Equilibrium (VLE) is a program written in java for simulation of various VLE calculations like bubble point, dew point, flash point, Pxy and Txy diagrams, etc. It supports user defined methods for activity and fugacity calculations.

Steamtwentythirteen - Web based client server achitecture for project sharing.

Brief: This project is building from existing adhoc client server architecture written in c#. The project will attempt to make this existing system into a webportal using a web technology. Specifically, focusing of getting the system to an expanded Market thus browser/device compatibility is key Stakeholders and Potential Investors then view this presentation... Current Focus: Alpha Project TimeLine: Inception , Supplimentary Spec, Iteration 1 , Iteration 2, Iteration 3, Stakeholder Presentation

Rsc-cmo - The RSC Chemical Methods Ontology

CMO, the chemical methods ontology, describes methods used to collect data in chemical experiments, such as mass spectrometry and electron microscopy prepare and separate material for further analysis, such as sample ionisation, chromatography, and electrophoresis synthesise materials, such as epitaxy and continuous vapour deposition It also describes the instruments used in these experiments, such as mass spectrometers and chromatography columns. It is intended to be complementary to the Ontolo

Vrmltoolbox - A suite of calculation tools to aid VRML97 developers.

The VRML Toolbox consists of four tools for Windows platforms:-  * Dizzy, an axis-angle rotation calculator.  * Peek, a Viewpoint node calculator.  * Twister, a calculator for Euler to axis-angle rotation conversion.  * SpinDoctor, a general-purpose 3D vector/rotation calculator.This code was originally developed by Vapour Technology (, and has been released as open source software as a gift to the VRML community.

Nh3d - The model project main page

A coupled mesoscale object-oriented model Developed using original Fortran code of NH3D model by : P. Miranda, M. Teixeira, R. Room, et al. (Univ. Reading, Lisbon and Tartu), V. Stepanenko (Moscow State University) ContentsMotivation Overview Equations Active Work References MotivationOverview The model includes : The 1-dimensional lake model - Lake [6] The atmosphere shortwave (Clirad-SW) and longwave (Clirad-LW) solar radiation, [7-8] The specific aerosol advection-diffusion - SmolarkiewiczTES

vsbmpreader - Windows Bitmap reader for VapourSynth

Windows Bitmap reader for VapourSynth

vsimagereader - Image reader plugin for VapourSynth

Image reader plugin for VapourSynth

vsjpgreader - JPEG image reader for VapourSynth

JPEG image reader for VapourSynth