Vandelay Industries

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This suite of Orchard modules contains the following features: Classy, Favicon, Feedburner, Meta tags, Tag Cloud, Tag RSS, Theme Picker and Translation Manager.



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Sb-vandelay-industries - Importers and exporters for Songbird and

This add-on adds a menu item to the tools menu to let you import play counts, metatdata, and loved tracks from The play counts are displayed in a sortable and selectable list. If the artist and track names do not match exactly you will have the opportunity to fix the match with the help of an auto-fixer. The API does not supply information about the last played time so unfortunately I can't import that. There are options to only import counts if the play count is higher


A build tool.

vandelay - an importer exporter

an importer exporter

vandelay - It's and import/export thing

It's and import/export thing