The Vamps Tools

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The Vamps Tools are a set of utilities to help duplicating and requantizing DVD on the fly. The main tool is basically both a resize factor calculator and a dvdauthor configuration file generator.



Related Projects


Vamps is a tool to help backing up DVDs: Vamps evaporates DVD compliant MPEG2 program streams by selectively copying audio and subpicture tracks and by re-quantizing the video stream. Shrink ratio may be based on video only or on the full PS.

Km-rdf - A bunch of Semantic Web / Prolog components

This project aims at gathering a number of tools, based on the SWI semweb library and developed at the Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary, University of London. The following component are available within this project: Henry 1 - A simple SWI-Prolog N3 parser/reasoner Henry 2 - A DSP-driving SPARQL end point, based on transaction logic SWIVamp - A SWI-Prolog interface for driving VAMP plugins (audio content analysis) SWIAudio - A SWI-Prolog library for decoding a wide range of audio files UriS

vamp - Test data generation tool.

Test data generation tool.


Behringer Bass V-Amp2 configuring tool for Linux