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Vamps is a tool to help backing up DVDs: Vamps evaporates DVD compliant MPEG2 program streams by selectively copying audio and subpicture tracks and by re-quantizing the video stream. Shrink ratio may be based on video only or on the full PS.



Related Projects

The Vamps Tools

The Vamps Tools are a set of utilities to help duplicating and requantizing DVD on the fly. The main tool is basically both a resize factor calculator and a dvdauthor configuration file generator.

GooBiq - J2ME Games and Applications

Goobiq - Project Being ReVamped


Projet industriel MBDS 2012

Star-trek-oop - Star Trek - The OOP Generation

"Star Trek - The OOP Generation" is a total re-vamp of the ancient and popular "Super Star Trek" turn-based game. This re-write builds the game's components from an Object-Oriented Programming approach. We wrote this for our students (and ourselves) to demo OOP and game concepts.

Km-rdf - A bunch of Semantic Web / Prolog components

This project aims at gathering a number of tools, based on the SWI semweb library and developed at the Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary, University of London. The following component are available within this project: Henry 1 - A simple SWI-Prolog N3 parser/reasoner Henry 2 - A DSP-driving SPARQL end point, based on transaction logic SWIVamp - A SWI-Prolog interface for driving VAMP plugins (audio content analysis) SWIAudio - A SWI-Prolog library for decoding a wide range of audio files UriS

Jailbreak-backup - Backup your jailbroken iPhones (3G) apps, themes and settings

Jailbroken BackupWritten by Platima (platima noATspam gmail) Thanks to much nagging from my beautiful girlfriend about not being able to back up all her software, themes and settings before i once again wiped her phone back to defaults. Also thanks to the guys at work for supporting me in putting this little script together. Much testing needed, specifically of the restoration features, and im yet to find where the springboard arrangement is kept, and a few other little features like that Distri

k9copy - A vamps frontend

A vamps frontend

Spekle - Gtk-less version of Vala-based spek Acoustic Spectrum Analyser for batch-mode, non-interact

Spekle: Vala-based FFMPEG Spectrum Analysis of Audio Video MediaSpek is a Vala and Gtk-based interactive program to display spectrograms of audio using a variety of codecs supported by ffmpeg library and libavcodec. Spekle is a fork of Alexander Kojevnikov's "spek 0.6" which doesn't require an X $DISPLAY to be set, takes numerous command-line-options, and is desgined to operate in "batch" mode. It's basically a brute-force cleansing of all Gtk code, leaving behind the ffmpeg based decoding, avff

Vamps - Buffy inspired vamp point and click

Buffy inspired vamp point and click