Vaccin worm

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Vaccin is a beneficial worm which the aim consists in helping the administrator network in the maintenance actions of network or system.



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Project Vaccine

worlds first antimalware software which spreads like a malware.

VO: Vaccine Ontology

Community-based development of the Vaccine Ontology (VO) to standardize vaccine annotation, integrate various vaccine data, and support computer-assisted reasoning.

Vaccine-toxic-load-calculator - Providing Visibility into Vaccine Ingredients

ContentsContentsMissionVisionEthicsDisclaimerHow Can You Help?Software Development RequirementsContributors MissionTo give people the tools they need to exercise informed consent, by comparing vaccines and creating customized Vaccination Plans. VisionInformed consent can be best summarized as: show us the science and give us the choice. Thinking like consumers means that we behave more like we would if we were buying a car: we do research, compare brands, examine safety records, and look under t

Opennanny - OpenNanny is a web application to predict your child and be happy

With Open Nanny you can keep data about your kids feeding, vaccination, general practices and more. Then OpenNanny relates this information searching the probable causal factors of any event. Finally you can ask Open Nanny: "Why my baby cries??" Open Nanny remembers you when to vaccinate you kids and when the general practices are. Open Nanny can generate printable versions of the information to give it to your child's pediatrician so he can diagnose accurately your son. Whit Open Nanny you can

Dimmunix - Deadlock immunity system for Java/C/C++ software

Dimmunix is a tool for imparting deadlock immunity to Java/C/C++ software (both legacy and new) without any assistance from programmers or users. Deadlock immunity is a property by which programs, once afflicted by a deadlock pattern, develop the ability to avoid future occurrences of that deadlock pattern. Over time, programs with such an "immune system" progressively increase their resistance to deadlocks. Dimmunix was originally developed in the Dependable Systems Lab at EPFL and is now open-

Infectamic - Heal them all or... Infect them all!

InfectamicHeal them all or... Infect them all! What is it?Infectamic is a free online role playing game, easily playable by browser. How does this work?You play a fictional character infected by the H4G2 virus. There's only 23 days left before you succomb. But that's horrible?Don't panic! These are the alternatives before you to (try to) survive: become healer and try to find the vaccine; become an infecter to share your fate to all! DocumentationTo learn more about this project, read the docume

Vac-o - Combinatory Vaccine Optimizer

in-silico optimization framework of attenuated virus vaccines. This project belongs to FuDePAN

Mashup-elugardo-trizetto - Trizetto - vaccination

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Hmn-infant-immunization-monitoring-district-level - Infant immunization district level monitoring sy

Health Metrics Network prototype of a public health district level application to monitoring routine infant/childhood immunizations. The prototype is implemented in OpenOffice Base. The principle inputs are number of vaccinations by vaccine/dose, by age group, by health facility and month.

Mssb2010 - Epidemics, Probabilistic Vaccination, and Global Cascades

Modeling and Simulation in Systems Biology 2010:Modeling Epidemics On a Social NetworkIn short the project concerns graph theoretic modeling of epidemics, vaccinations, etc. using the Python scripting language and the Networkx package. This code acts as a framework for inputting or generating graphs, attributing epidemiological characteristics to vertices and edges, and simulating the progress of an epidemic over time. Of particular interest to us are the probabilistic modeling of vaccination an