Web Frontend for Vacation Program

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Webinterface to the vacation program




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PHP Timeclock

PHP Timeclock is a simple yet effective web-based time clock system. It allows you to track all employee time as well as upcoming vacations and more, it can also replace manual sign-in sheets and such. It is written in php and utilizes a mysql database.

Cvmansys - CV Management System

OverviewCV Management System (CVMS) is a system that helps organize CVs that come to the company. The goal is to have lightweight, extesible web based system with the use of some web 2.0 concepts. Some Basic Featuresmanage offers manage vacats connect vacats with user groups connect vacats with users email notifications For the full list of features please refer to the Wiki (when available:) )

Vaaco-vacation-rental-manager - Vacation Rental Lead Generation Engine and Unit Booking With Calenda

VAACO is a PHP/MySQL website solution with integrated unit reservations calendar available to vacation rental owners who want to have a single, search engine optimized website for their vacation rentals without the need to find property managers through a third-party. The software has been designed by an Internet Marketer to serve the core functions of a vacation rental system while harvesting visitors that would not otherwise offer a booking request. Customizable You can run VAACO in addition t

PHP worktime attendance recorder

Time attendance tracker for workers (php+mysql). Holiday, vacation, sickness calendar. Enhanced comparation contract vs. fulfilled worktime respecting net workdays, sickness, overtime payout. punch in/out with pwd/barcode, 100% web based

Conges : web based vacation management

Conges is a web based vacation management software (java inside). it permits employees to set vacation period, to print customizable vacation paper and for the service supervisor to modify or delete the vacation period entered by employees. A Gantt Diagr

Veryimportantdates - Keep track of those very important dates, any dates, using a web server.

Very Important DatesHow many days left until Christmas? How many days until your Birthday our your planned Vacation? Wouldn't be nice to have a simple app that stack all the events from top to bottom with a reminder of how many days are left for each? Very important dates is a ruby script that takes all your important dates and generates a web page that then you can install in your favorite web server to remind you and others of important dates.

Atbudget - Simple personal finance management web based application.

@Budget is a simple personal finance management application. Its main goal is to help you keep track of your income and expenses. It is based on believe that by just keeping an eye on your money you can save. Main features include:Multiple accounts and multiple currencies Recurring transactions (like regular bills) Comprehensive reporting (including custom reports) Easy budgeting (yearly budget, vacation budget, etc.) @Budget is in the early stages of development at the moment. That is why there

Ramka - a single page photo album

A sole php-script photo album. Easy to install, easy to useAll you need is a PHP-enabled hosting. Upload the script to your web site add photos to images/ directory and you are all set. A narrow scrollable list of photos will appear on the right pane while photos will be displayed at the rest available area. Photos load in background without reloading the page itself. Titles get derived from file names, like my_perfect_roma_vacations.png file name turns to "my perfect vaction" title. Photos get


SmartSieve is a web based graphical user interface for creating and managing sieve scripts for mail filtering and vacation messaging on a cyrus imap mail server. Written in PHP, SmartSieve is easy to configure and use.

Oosdtravelexperts - Java Project for The Travel Experts

Content Management System for Travel Agencies.Includes native Java Application and basic JSP based website Features:Written in Java using the Swing framework for cross-platform deployment. Easy to use GUI for management of customers, employees, travel packages and vendors. Data is processed through an Oracle database. Real-time online support/chat system through web applet. JSP based webpage This is an educational project for the Object Oriented Software Development program at SAIT. Project Memb