V86 mode support for 64-bit Linux

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Linux kernel patch to allow 8086/DOS programs to be executed in virtual 8086 mode under 64-bit Linux




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An implementation of a light-weight stack-less jit compiler for x86 (32/64), ARM (v5/Thumb2), PowerPC (32/64), MIPS (32) and SPARC (32) architectures. It generates machine code from a platform independent (simplified) assembly language.

Keysextender - Vista Keys Extenders (Work with windows like win7)

In windows 7, I really liked an opportunity to change the position of the windows by pressing hotkeys Win + (Left | Right | Up | Bottom):Win + Left - window attached to the left side Win + Right - window attached to the right side Win + Up - window is maximized Win + Bottom - window in the normal state. Make this work with Windows Vista (most likely will work in earlier versions, but I have not tried it) was not a difficult task. working with WinXP (x64, x86), Vista (x64, x86) with installed Fra

Volafox - Memory analyzer for Mac OS X & BSD

volafoxIntroductionvolafox a.k.a 'Memory Analyzer for Mac OS X' is developed on python 2.x System EnvironmentLang: Python 2.x Arch: Intel x86/64(0.7 alpha1<=) Requirement Kernel Symbol List overlay data (0.7 alpha1<=) Memory Image Linear File Format(Firewire or VMware memory image, flatten MMR) (0.7 alpha1<=) Mac Memory Reader Format(32bit) (svn version) InformationMachine Information Mounted Filesystem Process List KEXT information System Call List Detecting System Call Hooking KEXT Dump(0.6 be

Sqlite-jdbc - SQLite JDBC Driver

SQLite JDBC is a library for creating and accessing SQLite database files. Our SQLiteJDBC library, developed as a part of Xerial project, requires no configuration since all native libraries for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and pure-java SQLite, which works in any OS enviroment, are assembled into a single JAR (Java Archive) file. The usage is quite simple; Download our sqlite-jdbc library, then append the library (JAR file) to your class path. See also the Introduction Public Discussion ForumPost b

Jpeg-compressor - JPEG image compressor and decompressor classes in two C++ source files.

jpeg-compressor is a small (~1000 lines), easy to use public domain C++ class in a single source file jpge.cpp that writes baseline JPEG compressed images. It supports grayscale and H1V1/H2V1/H2V2 chroma subsampling factors, Libjpeg-compatible quality settings, and is reasonably fast with fairly low (typically less than 64KB) memory consumption. The core compression class consists of a single 890 line C++ file with a small header, along with a couple optional higher-level helper/example function

Effogpled - Effo GPL Licensed Open Source Software of the Effo Project.

Effo Home | Core | Add-ons | NetMsg | Framework | Reports What's NewSee Download Effo GPLed part of this page for following new item(s) details: 1. Effo GPLed Milestone (Latest v0.1b6) - gpled.tar.bz2 2. Effo GPLed Framework Samples (Latest v0.1b6) - gpled_framework.samples.tar.bz2 3. Effo GPLed References (Latest Rev 0.9) - EffoGPLedRef.pdf Effo Home | Core | Add-ons | NetMsg | Framework | Reports About Effo GPLed ProjectThe Effo GPLed Project is independent of the Effo Project. This project pr

Virtual-pool-zero - 3D Billiards Simulator using Java OpenGL

3D Billiards Simulator using Java OpenGLThe project consists in an attempt to replicate the billiards simulation game called Virtual Pool ((c) Celeris). So far, the project implements a 3D game environment including a pool table, lamps, chairs, a cue stick and billiard balls. It allows the user to shoot the cue ball and watch the balls collide and fall into pockets. No specific billiard game rules have been implemented yet. User friendly camera controls and cue striking mechanism are identical t

Httpcws - HTTPCWS 是一款基于HTTP�议的开�中文分�系统。(HTTPCWS is an Chinese Word

Introduction in EnglishHTTPCWS is a open-source Chinese Word Segmentation System Based on the HTTP protocol, using ICTCLAS Chinese word segmentation algorithms. ICTCLAS is a Chinese lexical analysis system, which is able to make Chinese word segmentation, Part-Of-Speech tagging, word sense disambiguation and named entity recognition. The detailed linguistic information provided by ICTCLAS increases the accuracy and depth of any application related to Chinese language, such as machine translation

Effo - An Open Source project targeting at C/C++ software system architectural design and practical

Contact Pat: reach Pat H. by email pat(dot)sh(dot)cn(at)gmail(dot)com Effo Home | Core | Add-ons | NetMsg | Framework | GPLed | Effo@SourceForge | Reports What's NewVisit Download Effo page for following new items details: 1. Manual for Effo Portable and Effo Compact (Latest Rev 0.5) - EffoPort_Manual.pdf 2. Effo Project Roadmap (Latest Rev 0.2) - EffoProj_Roadmap.pdf 3. Effo Design - XLnk, a Generic Linked List in C (Latest Rev 0.5, go to the Effo Core for new revision) - EffoDesign_XLnk.pdf 4.

Sireum - a software analysis platform

Sireum is a long-term research effort to develop an over-arching software analysis platform that incorporates various static analysis techniques such as data-flow framework, model checking, symbolic execution, abstract interpretation, and deductive reasoning techniques (e.g., using weakest precondition calculation). It can be used to build various kinds of software static analyzers for different kinds of properties. Homepage Sireum/Kiasan for JavaSireum/Kiasan for Java is a JML contract-based au