Voodoo3 3500 TV

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Create a Video4Linux compatible driver set for the Voodoo3 3500 video card.




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Python-Skript, um automatisch Aufnahmen von der save.tv-Seite herunterzuladen. Entwickelt und getestet unter Linux. VORAUSSETZUNGENPython wget das Pythonmodul "python-mechanize" ein Save.tv Account eine Internetverbindung DISCLAIMERDer Autor uebernimmt keinerlei Haftung fuer Schaeden, die durch den Gebrauch der Software entstehen. LIZENZDie Software wird dem Nutzer unter den Bedingungen der GPL v3 (http://www.gpl.org) zur Verfuegung gestellt. CREDITSDieses Skript basiert auf der Idee und dem Que

Lg-tv-command - Send a command to an LG TV via serial port.

DescriptionLG TV has a serial port for sending commands. This small utility allows you to do just that, from command-line. Right now, it has most common commands and accepts a command-name and (enum)value. It retrieves the current value when value is omitted. Requirements / compatibilityYou just need GCC and some standard headers, I think. You need to change /dev/tty.usbserial in the sourcecode to your serial port device. It is currently only tested on OS X. Throw me a diff if you get it to comp

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Danish: 01/10-2011 : Downloaderen virker nu igen, men sikkert kortvarigt hvis tv2 får færten ;-) TV2 havde ødelagt vores system lidt med deres PgP key billede, og diverse andre forstyrrende elementer. Men det skulle være fixet, således at vi fjerner alt som ikke er relevant for vores gøremål. God fornøjelse! Danish: 30/12-2010 : Downloaderen virker igen (men sikkert kortvarigt), men det virker som om tv2 har indført et "blacklist" system, der gør at vi kun kan hente ca. 50 plader per u

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Xmltv2mxf - Convert xmltv epg files to the new windows 7 mxf format

Should allow the import of standard xmltv files into Windows 7 media center via loadMXF.exe for 3rd party EPG. It is also reported that this works with Windows Vista+TV Pack, although this is not it's intended purpose. This is a Visual Studio 2008 Express project, a c# WPF/Console app for .net v3.5 Contributers welcome. At this stage, it has been tested specifically for "xmltvnz" files, but should be able to cope with all xmltv files. Very basic at this stage, we will keep an eye on what Microso


shalVideo is a Video Record Programming for KDE 3. It uses mencoder an atd for the grabbing feature, and v4l driver for tv.

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Desenvolvimento de um codec como trabalho de formatura pela Escola Politécnica da USP, orientado pelo Professor Guido Stolfi. O projeto visa a criação de uma ferramenta didática para a apresentação em aulas ligadas a compressão de imagens, como o caso de Princípios de TV digital. O projeto será baseado na proposta desenvolvida pela BBC, em particular no dirac-research. Será adotada como linguagem de desenvolvimento o C# 3.5.