VxWorks API implementation for Linux.

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v2lin library is selected VxWorks APIs implementation for Linux. Originally, v2lin started as a fork of outdated legacy2linux/v2linux. Currently almost all source code is completely rewritten and redesigned. v2lin supports recent POSIX-compliant glibc. I




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GMusic is a java web application that can be used to organize mp3 files. gMusic v4.0.2Contains : NEW : Ecran qui recherche dans un répertoire les releases et propose l'ajout de Tag NEW : Capitalisation : mettre des majuscules après les '( ' BUG : Récupération des pays à -1 dans MA Required jars (in $TOMCAT_HOME/common/lin) : algutil_1.0.2.jar gMusic v4.0.1Contains : Defect-1 Enhancement-3 Required jars (in $TOMCAT_HOME/common/lin) : algutil_1.0.1.jar gMusic v4.0.0Required jars (in $TOMCAT_H

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IntroductionThis module displays in a nice sortable table the links that are created with the Joomla component "LinX - Reciprocal link exchange component (SEO)", which is developed by Soren Beck Jensen. The script that this module uses to sort the table is in JavaScript and developed by Brian McAllister. Ofcourse, in order for this module to function, you need to have the LinX component already installed on your Joomla Website. This module was only tested in Joomla 1.5 "Legacy: 1.0" mode and it

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Sử dụng hệ quản trị cơ sở dữ liệu MySQL hoặc MS SQLServer 2005 xây dựng hệ thống lưu trữ dữ liệu. Ứng dụng 2 framework Hibernate và Struts để xây dựng website theo mô hình Model - View - Controller. Xây dựng 1 webservice để tiếp nhận các khai báo từ xa. Sử dụng WPF để dựng giao diện tại các client sẽ khai báo từ xa. Sử dụng LinQ to XML để đ�c nội dụng tệp XML và gởi nội dung XML từ Client đến

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NTNU Master Input Method is a faster Chinese Input Method based on the famous Cangjie method, with less radical strokes (no character will be assembled by longer than 3 strokes). While we presented it in National Computer Symposium 2009 (Taiwan), we also introduced an implemented Windows(R) version. This project contains the complete source code of the NTNU Master IME Windows Version. The project is based on the famous IME "Chewing." Since it's source code is released under the license of GNU/GP